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Finding Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions for Your Home

May 29, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

One of the hottest trends today is green living.  Consumers are looking for ways to conserve energy and natural resources.  If you have visited a home improvement store, it is likely you have seen promotions for energy efficient lighting solutions.   Energy efficient lighting benefits consumers in three ways: helps the environment, saves money on electric bills and can result in tax savings. LED lights are one form of energy efficient lighting that are becoming very popular.  Let’s explore the world of energy efficient lighting options.

LED kitchen lightingWe are all familiar with the traditional incandescent light bulb. These bulbs are filled with a gas and then a filament is stretched across the inside. When electricity is run across the filament, it heats up to often very high temperatures. The bulb’s glow is a result of the filament heating up. The heat is a result of wasted energy. Incandescent bulbs also suffer from inherent fragility. These lights weaken over time as the heat separates atoms from the whole and causes thin spots in the filament. Eventually these thin spots will break and you will need to replace the bulb. (more…)

Eye Catching Kitchen Lighting Ideas

May 08, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Creating a focal point in the kitchen requires planning and creativity. There are not usually any larger items, such as beds or sofas, used when decorating or designing a kitchen. A great option to capture the attention of a guest entering the kitchen is unexpected or unique lighting. We have pulled together a few unexpected kitchen lighting ideas to jump start your creative juices:

Fabric Covered Light Fixtures:
fabric covered drum pendantFabric covered light fixtures add a creative touch to kitchen lighting plans. One of the more commonly used fabric light fixtures if the drum pendant light. These fixtures consist of a large fabric covered shade and a simple light kit. This form of light fixture can also be very inexpensive. The drum pendant light can be created as an intermediate level DIY project.

The singular chandelier:

There are many chandelier styles available to suit a number of rooms/uses. A singular chandelier is a single tier chandelier that can be used to define space within the kitchen.
This style chandelier is functional and stylish when placed properly. In most cases, a singular chandelier works best over the kitchen island or kitchen dining room table. (more…)