3 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Must Have!

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Best Kitchen Lighting Design: 3 Types of Lighting Needed

Designing the perfect kitchen for the home begins with selecting proper lighting. Many kitchens need three types of lighting:
Each of the types of lighting listed above is important in establishing proper lighting in your kitchen.

Decorative lighting is better known as accent lighting. This form of lighting is often used to highlight artwork, plants or statues. On the other hand, task lighting is used to illuminate a space so that you can complete a task. This type of light is also referred to as functional light. Ambient light is what we call our natural light. This type of light we get from our windows and sky lights.

The types of light we select works with other features of our kitchen to create an overall atmosphere. For instance, if the kitchen is a larger kitchen, more light will be required. For a large kitchen with ambient lighting, lots of task lighting will also be required. Designers would also need to consider where the lights are place. If the light fixture is not placed where cabinets and countertops receive proper illumination, the effect can ruin your kitchen in either appearance or functionality. As with any other space, when designing your kitchen décor, consider the placement of your doors and windows. The windows will allow for natural light and help provide necessary task lighting.

Come styles of light fixtures used in kitchens are pendant lights, chandeliers and cabinet lights. Kitchen is not only using for preparing meals, but can also be used for an array of other activities as well. Creating a highly functional and comfortable kitchen is dependant on selecting proper lighting for your space.

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