Basement Lighting Design: Easy as 1..2..3

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Basement Lighting Design 101

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Basements are no longer used solely for storage.  Basements are used for a variety of reasons these days from entertaining friends, to storage, living space and at times even  as a workshop.  It is important as with any living space to properly plan lighting design for your basement.

Recessed Lighting and track lighting are both perfect for basement lighting. Basements are usually used to entertain or for recreation. Both recessed lighting and track lighting easily enhacnce the décor of a space. While these type of fixtures can upgrade a space instantly, they are very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of lighting.
When designing lighting for your basement, make sure the basic components are addressed. For instance, when mapping out the placement of light switches, make sure a light switch is placed at the top of the stairs or at the entry of the basement. It can be very challenging and at times to enter a basement without proper lighting. The power switch for lighting should be easily accessible. Also, ensure there is adequate power for the lighting design. Poor planning in this area can lead to power failures, faulty wiring or worse, a fire. Finally as with lighting design for any room, consider the use of the room. If a portion of the basement will be used for a study or office, make sure adequate lighting is provided for reading or similar tasks.
Your basement lighting plan is just a second away. Proper planning and careful execution can yield wonderful results. The tips we have shared are sure to get your basement lighting plan off to a great start!

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