Bathroom Lighting Ideas:3 Tips to Achieve Ideal Bathroom Lighting Design

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bathroom lighting ideasIf you are looking for bathroom lighting ideas, we have three tips that are guaranteed to work in any bathroom. Creating the best lighting design for your bathroom happens when you provide enough light to illuminate and enhance you bathroom. There are three layers of light that are key in creating the ideal lighting design: ambient lighting, tasking lighting and accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general or overall lighting used to illuminate your bathroom. This lighting usually comes from an overhead light fixture. Ambient lighting is sufficient lighting to light an entire room. Some great light fixtures for ambient lighting are ceiling light fixtures and recessed light fixtures.

Task Lighting

The bathroom is used for personal grooming such as shaving and applying make-up. This is why task lighting is an important aspect of bathroom lighting. To receive optimal task lighting, bathroom light fixtures should frame the mirror. Commonly, wall scones and vanity light fixtures are used to provide bathroom task lighting.

Accent Lighting

Bathrooms are no different from other areas of the home. Often, there are decorative pieces placed in bathrooms to enhance the décor. Usually, accent lighting is paired with these decorative pieces to optimize the room’s décor. The best bathroom light fixtures for accent lighting are track light fixrtures or small recessed lights.

Bathroom lighting design is very important is creating a functional and stylish bathroom. Incorporating the key factors and the best light fixtures, creating a relaxing and stylish bathroom is all in the planning. If you are still unsure when selecting bathroom fixtures, we have more bathroom lighting ideas to help you master lighting design.

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