Bathroom Vanity Lighting

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Understanding Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The bathroom vanity is used daily for personal grooming. Proper bathroom vanity lighting is makes the completing these daily tasks a lot easier. When creating a bathroom lighting plan, carefulle consider the design of your bathroom vanity light fixtures.

bathroom vanity lightingBathroom vanity light fixtures should be placed near the mirror.  The bathroom vanity mirror is used to apply make up, brush teeth and other personal grooming tasks.  It is important to provide sufficient light around this mirror because of all of the tasks performed in the mirror.  When placing your bathroom vanity light fixture, make sure the fixture is 75 to 80 inches above the floor.  Also, when placing the light fixtures around the mirror, make sure the fixtures are 36 to 40 inches apart.  This will eliminate shadows on your face when looking in the mirror.

When purchasing light bulbs for your vanity light fixture, remember to select 150 watt bulbs.  These bulbs will provide a crisp white light perfect for illuminating your face while grooming. If you desire a bulb with an extended life, consider hallogen light bulbs.  While halogen light bulb cost a little more, these bulbs last three times longer than regular light bulbs.


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