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How to Select the Proper Lighting Fixture for the Bathroom

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Appropriate bathroom lighting fixture planning leads to a well-planned and properly illuminated bathroom. And that makes our bathroom experience improved and refined. Good refreshment significantly improves the way that we spend our entire days. Hence, proper lighting of the bathroom is important.

It is extremely valuable to plan your bathroom design and d├ęcor well for the best of your relaxation. For a good planning, you must take your budget into account. With proper planning and some creativity, you can setup a great bathroom even with limited budget. Lighting is one aspect where you can make a great improvement with limited resources. Read on the article to understand how.

To understand whether you need more lights, consult your electrician. Figure whether your bathroom has enough circuitry to add lights. Also, find out in parallel whether you can better use the natural light through your windows or skylight. Once you understand all the details, you would be much better positioned to plan for your set of bathroom lighting fixtures.

Now is the right time to decide the kind of light to use for each of the purposes in your bathroom. It also depends a lot on whether you have a bigger or a smaller bathroom. For a small to medium bathroom, you would want to fix at least two lights. One would be placed on top of your wash basin mirror. This would help you to shave or make up with better effectiveness. You shall not feel short of light in the process. The other one would be above your bath tub and near the toilet. Do not put the light directly over the shower – it may expose you to electrical risks and hazards. Alternatively, you may install two separate light fixtures – one near your bath tub and another near the toilet.

If you have a bigger bathroom, then you may require more lighting than the above. And if you have a sauna spa then it would definitely call for installing a light near that. With a bigger bathroom you also get to install lights of different shapes and sizes. With a smaller bathroom you can still do that, but your scope is a little more limited.

Finally, there are a number of different shapes, types and sizes of lights that you can install. You have the regular ceiling mounted lighting, and there are different good-looking bright shades available for that. Among the other types of bathroom lighting fixtures, you would have the wall scone lights and the vanity lights. Using two wall scone lights at two sides of your mirror may be a goo idea. If you have large mirrors then going for vanity kits may make sense. Using light bars as your mirror-front bathroom lighting fixtures is another good option.

Those who have installed a vanity light fixture in their bathroom have found they enjoy their day much more. They style of bathroom lighting fixture you choose can influence and shape the mood of your day.

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Getting Started with Bathroom Lighting

February 02, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Options for a Relaxing Bathroom

One of the most important factors in creating a calming environment in your bathroom is the bathroom lighting selected. Most homeowners, view their bathrooms are personal sanctuaries, or havens of relaxation. The perfect ending to a long stressful day is a nice relaxing bath. With that being said, it is important to select bathroom lighting that helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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When selecting light for any room, you have to first consider the function of the room and the type and amount of light needed. When you are creating a bathroom lighting plan, you would need to consider the number of windows in your room and the amount of natural light in the room. There are ways to use natural light with overhead lighting to provide a pleasant effect on a space. It is also important to confirm that the wiring in your room is sufficient for the type of lighting you plan to install. This is where you may need the assistance of an electrician.
When designing the layout of your bathroom lights, you would want to focus on two areas. The two areas of focus of bathroom lighting are the shower/toilet area and the mirror area. When considering lighting for the toilet and shower area, many opt for overhead lighting. Overhead lighting in this area is safer because you will not require the use of electrical sockets and also provides the best amount of light.
When lighting an area that contains mirrors, there are several different lighting options that would work. Some common forms of bathroom lights used are bar lights, wall sconce and vanity lights. When installing lights around mirrors, it is recommended that the lights are placed five feet from the ground. Hanging your lights at this level will provide the best amount of light needed to highlight your face when using the mirror. This will prove very helpful when going about your daily grooming.
Bathroom lighting options are vast and versatile. Depending on the placement of your bathroom lights, you can elect either wall sconces, vanity lights, overhead light or even bar lighting. However, your first step is developing your personal bathroom lighting plan.