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Chandeliers for Little Girl’s Bedrooms

March 01, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Bedroom Lighting, Light Fixtures

Every princess deserves a bedroom fit for royalty. Adding a chandelier to your daughter’s bedroom is a great way to add a touch of “royalty” to your daughter’s personal space. Check out these adorable bedroom chandeliers.

twin beds chandelier

Novelty Lamps for Boys Bedrooms

February 16, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Bedroom Lighting

Add character and style to your little boy’s bedroom with a novelty table lamp.  Many of these lamps for boys bedrooms are super cheap and also very cute.  There are sports themed lamps, character themed lamps or even lamps that feature bold or bright colors.  Check out these lamps perfect for little boy’s bedrooms all under $50!Cheap lamps for boys

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Upgrade Bedroom Lighting Design:Inspiration to Get Started!

January 29, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Bedroom Lighting

bedroom lighting design

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Bedroom lighting design seems to require little thought or effort. Many assume creating a bedroom lighting plan is simple as the bedroom is used primarily for sleeping. Although sleeping does not require much light, there are a number of other bedroom tasks that require ample lighting. Also, if taking the time to create a lighting plan, décor and style is likely a concern as well. Proper lighting assists in the overall styling of the room.
We have gathered a few tips to assist in creating or altering bedroom lighting plans. Most bedrooms feature ceiling light fixtures and table lamps. Let’s explore some options to enhance your bedroom lighting and overall style with a few changes to your bedroom light fixtures.

Upgrade overhead lighting

Older homes and apartments mostly feature ceiling lights. Many of these fixtures are rather simple and basic. If you are dealing with a room with a ceiling light fixture, replacing that fixture can greatly impact the amount of light and the style of your bedroom. The following are great options for overhead lighting in bedrooms:

Bedroom Chandelier

bedroom chandelier

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Although chandeliers are mostly seen in foyers or dining rooms, they can also be used in bedrooms. Adding a smaller chandelier to your bedroom instantly adds a touch of glamour to your space. Crystal chandeliers are not the only option for bedroom chandeliers. The following styles of chandelier lighting are perfect for the bedroom:

Modern chandelier lamp Modern Crystal Chandelier Lamp

contemporary crystal chandelier Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier

Bedroom Pendant Light


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Pendant light fixtures are very popular in bedroom and kitchen lighting. This style of lighting is very similar to chandelier lighting but is not as intricate. Unlike ceiling light fixtures, these fixtures hang down from the ceiling and are covered by a “pendant” covering. Check out these stylish pendants light fixtures perfect for the bedroom:

Mini pendant light Willow Creek Mini-Pendant

Light Sensé Large Pendant

Bedroom Ceiling Fan

bedroom ceiling fan

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I consider ceiling fans as multifunctional. Ceiling fans can provide lighting as well as regulate the temperature in your bedroom. This is an awesome option for those that get a little warm over in the night. Ceiling fans can also help lower your electric bill if used in place of central air conditioning when the weather is mild.

More Stylish Light Ideas

Bedroom lighting extends beyond overhead lighting. If the bedroom will be used for reading or working, task lighting will play a role. Task lighting illuminates a specific are enabling an individual to complete a task such as applying makeup or reading.
Table lamps
Table lamps are commonly used in several rooms to provide task lighting. Table lamps are available in an assortment of styles and sizes.
Floor Lamps
Floor lamps are very popular in bedroom lighting as well. Some older apartments do not feature overhead lighting in bedrooms. In these rooms, floor lamps are usually used as the primary source of lighting. These lamps can also be combined with other types of lighting.
Wall Sconces
Wall scones are basically table lamps placed on the wall. These fixtures are usually very stylish and are great sources of task lighting for the bedroom.

These are only a couple options for updating bedroom lighting design. When creating your bedroom lighting plan be sure to create an outline of your lighting requirements and desires. When shopping for light fixtures, consider these two tips:

  • A lighting plan that consists of several types of lighting and light fixtures offers versatility. If the overhead lighting is a bit much for reading, simply switch to your table lamp or wall sconce for lighting for reading only. This can help when trying to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.
  • When selecting light fixtures for your space, consider function and style. Yes, light is needed in a bedroom. The bedroom also needs style and décor. Try to select light fixtures that enhance the décor of your bedroom.

Creating the Perfect Bedroom Lighting Design

May 04, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is a placed of relaxation and solitude. The type of bedroom lighting used plays a key role in creating a calming environment. Once you determine what you plan to accomplish in your bedroom will also have an effect on your lighting. For example, if you plan to read, task lighting should be included in your bedroom lighting design. Usually a bedroom will consist of several different types of lighting.

If you are planning to read in bed, bedside lighting will be an option to consider. There are several options available in bedside lighting to accommodate several styles of décor. There are table lamps, swing arm lamps or down lamps. Most commonly, bedside table lamps are used as bedside lighting. A contemporary bedside lighting option is overhead lighting. This source of lighting creates a dramatic affect in comparison to some of the more traditional options.

It is rare that a bedroom has bare undecorated walls. Most bedrooms are decorated in a manner that is a reflection of the owner’s personality. There are times that the home décor is more important than bedroom tasks. For these bedrooms, decorative lighting or lighting that enhances the décor may be a better option. A commonly used type of decorative lighting is track lighting. Track lighting, often considered contemporary lighting, is often used to highlight artwork or other decorative pieces. While it is usually used to enhance décor, it can also be functional if positioned properly.

There are other things to consider when creating a lighting design for your bedroom. After considering the type of lighting to be used, you have to consider how it will be placed. How far apart will you place your lamps? How many inches up from the ground will you place your wall sconces? With tasking lighting in particular, it is imperative that lighting be close enough to prevent straining of the eyes and headaches.

All in all, creating relaxing and functional bedroom lies in your hands. Consider the type of lighting you need in your space and develop your new lighting design today!