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Christmas Lighting Ideas: Decorating the Mantel

December 03, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Decorative Lighting, Home Interior Lighting Options

Looking for a great place to start with your Christmas lighting ideas?  Outside of the Christmas Tree, the mantel is a great focal point when decorating your space for the holidays.  FUn details such as garland, poly mesh and lights can result in a very festive mantel.

Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Looking to create a focal point in your living area or add a “joyous” air to your living space, decorating the mantel is a great place to start. The mantel which is usually used to hang stocking for children, pets and whomever Santa owes a visit in the home. Check out some of our favorite Christmas Mantel decorating ideas:


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Garland, lights and a traditional wreath are used together to create this stylish mantel decor.

christmas mantel ideas


Enhancing your decor can be as simple as adding plastic or real candles to your christmas garland and pine cones.

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Finding Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions for Your Home

May 29, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

One of the hottest trends today is green living.  Consumers are looking for ways to conserve energy and natural resources.  If you have visited a home improvement store, it is likely you have seen promotions for energy efficient lighting solutions.   Energy efficient lighting benefits consumers in three ways: helps the environment, saves money on electric bills and can result in tax savings. LED lights are one form of energy efficient lighting that are becoming very popular.  Let’s explore the world of energy efficient lighting options.

LED kitchen lightingWe are all familiar with the traditional incandescent light bulb. These bulbs are filled with a gas and then a filament is stretched across the inside. When electricity is run across the filament, it heats up to often very high temperatures. The bulb’s glow is a result of the filament heating up. The heat is a result of wasted energy. Incandescent bulbs also suffer from inherent fragility. These lights weaken over time as the heat separates atoms from the whole and causes thin spots in the filament. Eventually these thin spots will break and you will need to replace the bulb. (more…)

Control Your Light Bill with Light Dimmers

April 10, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

A great option for conserving energy is installing light dimmers in your home.  Light dimmers offer many advantages to homeowners.  Some of the notable advantages are: lower electric bill, enhance the ambiance in a room and create a “look” or appeal in your space.

light dimmer

There are four types of light dimmers used in residential lighting.  They are:

  • Integrated dimmers
  • Touch dimmers
  • Slide dimmers
  • Rotary dimmers

Each style offers a number of benefits to lighting any room of the home.


Integrated Light Dimmer

If you are easily amused by gadgets and automation, an integrated light dimmer may be the dimmer of choice.  With this style dimmer, different lighting profiles “levels” are programed or preset.  You then control the lighting in the room with a small gadget or wall panel.  Any previous settings can be restored with this method. (more…)

How to Incorporate Accent Lighting in Any Room

April 07, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Accent lighting is often used to highlight spaces or items in a room. It is often used with other types of lighting to complete the lighting plan.  Selecting a light fixture to provide accent lighting can be challenging.  We have identified an example of ways to use accent lighting in various rooms in the house.

dining room accent lighting

Accent lighting is lighting that is used to create a focal point in a room.  It is usually used to highlight the architectural features, wall art or furniture.  This style of lighting places concentrated light on the area or item in a specified area. If seeking a dramatic look, accent light fixtures should produce at least three times more lighting than the general lighting in the room.


Accent Lighting in Kitchens

accent lighting kitchen

There are many ways to incorporate accent lighting in a kitchen lighting plan.  Two of the more popular uses of accent lighting in kitchens are under cabinet lighting and cabinet lighting.  Under cabinet lighting are great for providing both accent lighting and task lighting.  These lights are hidden under the cabinets illuminating the kitchen countertops and backsplash.  However, cabinet lights are placed inside cabinets.  Usually, these cabinets are door less or have glass doors.  When combined with contrasting or colorful dishes. (more…)

Recessed Lighting:A Versatile Home Lighting Option

April 06, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Recessed lighting is a very popular form of home lighting. There are several ways to incorporate this style of lighting in your home. Recessed lighting is ideal for use in many rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Before deciding on a style of lighting, it is best to understand the type of lighting needed in a room. Let’s review some of the types of lighting provided by a recessed light fixture.




General Lighting

general lighting recessed lighting

Whether lighting a bedroom or a laundry room, almost every room will require general lighting. This is the overall illumination in the space. This light should allow visibility when in the space during the evening or nights. General lighting may not provide enough light for special tasks such as grooming or preparing food. This type of lighting usually serves as the base of the lighting plan for any space in the home. Recessed light fixtures are great sources of general lighting. When placing the fixtures in the room, it is important to space them in a manner that provides even lighting throughout the room. (more…)

Interior Lighting Ideas

March 29, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

flush mount light fixtureWhether your building your dream home or remodeling an existing one, you know that good lighting can make or break a space. If you want a good balance of natural and artificial light that helps keep a space well lit for daily tasks, but with a warm ambiance consider the following:

What kind of lighting does your home need? Sure, you need a mix of light sources at varying levels, but how can you make sure that it’s both practical and comfortable in summer/winter/fall or spring?

Before we break down lighting tips room by room, let’s take a look at the kinds of lighting available to you. Ambient or general lighting illuminates the entire room. It usually comes from a recessed or track lighting fixture. Sometimes it’s bright, like a wall sconce in a bathroom, sometimes it’s dim, like an overhead light in the den. Most ambient or general lighting should have dimmer switches for added flexibility. (more…)

Decorate Your Home With Lighting

March 29, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

There are few things you can do in the home to improve look that are as simple and as efficient as changing the kind of lights you use. A change for example from standard incandescent bulbs to halogen spotlights or large pendant lights with subtle, low energy bulbs can drastically change the mood of a room and bring out the best in your internal decor.

How To Use Spotlights

Spotlights are great for highlighting certain areas in the room and make great lights to use for bathrooms. A well done spotlight setup in a bathroom can flood the room with light and can make a previously dull room sparkle, the same goes for bedrooms where using directional spotlights you can highlight different areas in the room and really bring out the best of your room decor.

Recessed ceiling spotlights are great for large or small areas to flood a room with light – this also gives the neatest installation and leaves an uncluttered look.

Using Large Pendant Lights

pendant light fixtureLarge pendant lights can be used in larger rooms and are great in kitchens. Lights are available in a variety of colours and materials which blend in with kitchen worktops, cupboards etc and as these sorts of lights give a natural flood of light to certain areas positioning is important. Of course you can always combine the aesthetic effects of using pendant lighting with more directional, sharper light you get from spotlights if you want for example to provide more light around kitchen worktops. (more…)

Secto Pendant Lamp by Seppo Koho

March 06, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Secto Design Pendant LampThe stylish Secto Design Victo pendant lamp by Seppo Koho is a simple and chic pendant lamp. The shades on this lamp are made of  PEFC  certified  Finnish birch. The shades consist of laminated birch slats  connected by rings of aircraft plywood. Step outside the box with this unique pendant light option by interior architect Seppo Koho.

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Give Your Home Curb Appeal with Exterior House Lighting

March 05, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Outdoor Lighting

Looking to add to your home’s curb appeal? Exterior house lighting can instantly add drama and style giving your home major curb appeal. As your curb appeal improves, watch the value of your home increase as well. Let’s take a look at some ways to effective use exterior house lighting to upgrade your home.

Exterior lighting creates shadows and highlight various areas outside your home. These lights can also improve the security of your home by discouraging intruders by creating a well lit property. Properly planned exterior lighting can also easily catch the eye of people passing by your home. This is definitely an advantage to homeowners looking to sale their home.

Outside Decorative Lighting
Inside the home, decorative lighting is used to emphasize painting, plants or other home accents. Decorative lighting used outside the home can be used to place emphasis on trees, lanscaping, the home itself or other aspects of your home

Exterior home lighting can serve multiple functions. Whether you are looking for an option to illuminate all of the areas surrounding your home or increase your home’s curb appeal, exterior house lighting is the way to go!

home exterior lighting ideas

Selecting a Closet Light Fixture

February 29, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

closet lighting ideasThe closet is often overlooked when it comes to home lighting design. Proper lighting design is just as important in the closet as in any other room of the house. Depending the size of your closet, you will likely only require one type of lighting, general or task lighting. We store our clothing in our closets, if we do not have sufficient lighting; it may difficult to match clothing, as blue and black can look very similar in dark lighting. Add a little style to your closet by selecting a stylish and efficient lighting fixture.
Enhance Your Current Closet Light Fixture
Most closets have a light fixture installed when the home if built. If you are not looking for a dramatic change, consider changing the type of light bulb. Selecting an energy efficient light bulb in place of a regular light bulb seems minute but can actually greatly impact your electric bill. Perhaps your closet light fixture is currently a light fixture, consider simply replacing the ceiling fixture giving your closet lighting a small but noticeable change.

Glamourize Your Closet
The perfect closet lighting fixture for instantly adding glam and style is a chandelier. There are several mini chandeliers on the market perfect for lighting a small or medium sized walk in closet. Embrace your inner diva and add a chandelier to your closet!

Eliminate Clutter
If you are working with a tight budget or you are pleased with your current light fixture, improve the quality of your current closet lighting design by eliminating extra clutter in your closet. Removing excess clothing, shoes and other items in your closet opens space which can improve lighting. Take a look around your closet, is your closet cluttered and overcrowded?

Installing new closet light fixtures is a small task that can play a huge role in the overall look of your closet. Improving the quality of light in your closet can also make for a better experience of getting dressed on a daily basis. What are your waiting on to get started on your closet lighting make over?

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