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10 Bathroom Lighting Ideas that Won’t Break Your Budget

February 28, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

bathroom lightingLighting options for any room can turn into a major headache. There are tons of options to chose from, and range in price to thousands of dollars to just a few. That said, what are options you can chose that are chic and don’t break your budget? Below are 10 lighting options to get you started on your search.

1. Pendant
Pendant lighting is a great option for any room with a high ceiling. If your bathroom’s ceiling call for this type of lighting, this is a great option to turn your bathroom into an elegant lit room.

2. Task Light
Task lighting is a great option because these lighting options work best to light up your face when getting ready for your day. Mostly used with vanity and double bathroom vanities, they are great options that don’t break your bank.

3. Halogen
If you are really strapped for cash, this idea is both vogue and easy on your bank account. Take taut cables and suspend three (or however many you may need) halogen lights above the sink. The lights are movable and can be aimed to throw light exactly where it’s needed.

4. Ceiling Mounted Fixtures
To add soft directional lighting to your bathroom—try ceiling fixtures. Once mounted close to the mirror, your face will be highlighted in the new lighting.

5. Light Tubes
Instead of mounting these traditional lights horizontal above the mirror, mount them vertically. This adds uniqueness to the room, and gives the illusion of a larger bathroom. A win, win.

6. Sconces
Sconces come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of options for all types of styles, and fortunately come with the same diversity for their price tag.

7. Strip
According to the American Lighting Association, “for large mirrors, a strip of horizontal vanity lights will ensure that each person has sufficient light. Mount the strip 78″ off the floor. The best lighting solution is achieved with fixtures that include a shade for each bulb.”

8. Globes
Adding globes to your bathroom can add a Hollywood-style feel. Another perk to these lights bring is that if you evenly space each globe on each side of the mirror, you will have a shadow-free area.

9. Chandeliers
Chandeliers give rich feel to any room, but you can find many options that are cost-friendly. Ikea and Target are two great options when looking for cost effective chandeliers.

10. Ambient Lighting
When all else fails, use what you’ve got! If the space allows, use your windows to add extra lighting to the room. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with when you think outside the box.

Have a great lighting idea I missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bathroom Vanity Lighting

February 27, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Bathroom Lighting, Home Interior Lighting Options

Understanding Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The bathroom vanity is used daily for personal grooming. Proper bathroom vanity lighting is makes the completing these daily tasks a lot easier. When creating a bathroom lighting plan, carefulle consider the design of your bathroom vanity light fixtures.

bathroom vanity lightingBathroom vanity light fixtures should be placed near the mirror.  The bathroom vanity mirror is used to apply make up, brush teeth and other personal grooming tasks.  It is important to provide sufficient light around this mirror because of all of the tasks performed in the mirror.  When placing your bathroom vanity light fixture, make sure the fixture is 75 to 80 inches above the floor.  Also, when placing the light fixtures around the mirror, make sure the fixtures are 36 to 40 inches apart.  This will eliminate shadows on your face when looking in the mirror.

When purchasing light bulbs for your vanity light fixture, remember to select 150 watt bulbs.  These bulbs will provide a crisp white light perfect for illuminating your face while grooming. If you desire a bulb with an extended life, consider hallogen light bulbs.  While halogen light bulb cost a little more, these bulbs last three times longer than regular light bulbs.


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Cut Your Electric Bill with Fluorescent Light Bulbs

February 25, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

With all the talk of living green and preserving natural resources, lighting manufactures are offering consumer’s option when selecting light bulbs for their homes.  Selecting energy efficient lighting goes beyond cutting your electric bill; it is also paying a huge favor to our natural resources and the environment. 

When you visit many home improvement stores, there are countless promotions and campaigns on display encouraging consumers to consider switching to energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures.  Let’s explore the world of energy wise lighting and the advantages of this type of lighting.

One of the biggest advantages to energy wise lighting is the cost saving to the consumer.  Switching from regular light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs can save $30 in energy costs over the life the bulb. Fluorescent light bulbs provide the same amount of light as incandescent light bulbs but last ten times longer.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs generate over 65% less heat which is safer than high heat incandescent light bulbs.

 If you are unsure about fluorescent light bulbs, consider replacing some of the light bulbs in your home on a trial basis.  Replace light bulbs in high traffic that use lighting for extended periods of time areas such as family rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and porch lights.  Using this method will allow you to determine if switching to fluorescent light bulbs will lower your home electric bill.

When purchasing fluorescent light bulbs , remember that these bulbs use about a fourth of the wattage required by regular light bulbs, so you would replace an incandescent 60 watt light bulb with a 15 watt fluorescent light bulb for the same amount of light.  You may also notice that fluorescent light bulbs cost a little more than incandescent light bulbs, however, fluorescent light bulbs can last 10-20 times longer than regular light bulbs.  There is also a larger variety of fluorescent light bulbs to select, ranging from warm white tones to white tones similar to day light.

Making the decision to switch to energy efficient light bulbs if a “win” for any homeowner looking to save money or conserve natural resources.  When your current regular light bulbs need to be replaced, consider fluorescent lighting.

The Swing Arm Wall Lamp

February 21, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Swing Arm Lamps are wall mounted lamps often used in living rooms and bedrooms. These lamps are available in an assortment of styles catering to just about any style of home décor. These lamps are great options for those that desire a versatile, space saving and stylish lamp.

bedroom Swing arm lamp

A swing arm lamp is very versatile for a number of reasons. One of the biggest factors is the design of the lamp. This wall mounted lamp can be placed in a number of positions. How the lamp is angled or placed depends on the type of lighting desired. For example, when against the wall in its normal position, this fixture provides general lighting. However, when the lamp is pulled out to light a specific area, it then provides task lighting. There are not many lamps or light fixtures that offer this type of versatility.
Space Saver
Any time an item can be mounted on the wall, there is space saved. With the swing lamp mounted to the wall, space on bedside or end tables is left open for other decorative pieces. These lamps also do not require any floor space. Not only does this save space in your room, but is also makes for several placement options.
Whether decorating a home office, living room or bedroom, there are several swing arm lamp styles available for purchase. The industrial look of this swing arm lamp can enhance several styles of décor ranging from vintage to contemporary. These lamps can also be positioned to provide decorative lighting or accent lighting which is definitely an enhancement.

Swing arm lamps offer several advantages to home decorators. These lamps range in price from very inexpensive to somewhat expensive. Versatility, style and space are just a few of the reasons swing are lamps are welcome in many homes today.


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Free Hanging Pendant Lighting

February 19, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Unique pendant light fixture

Pendant light fixtures are a great source of lighting for a number of rooms in the home. There are drum pendant light fixtures ideal for lighting a kitchen or dining area or more complex fixtures great for the foyer or living area. This unique pendant light by Omer Arbel is a stylish free hanging light fixture perfect for creating drama in your living room. If you want the effect of a dramatic chandlier, but you are not fond of the design of a traditional chandelier, consider a free hanging pendant fixture.


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Three Cheap Lamps for Girl’s Bedrooms

February 06, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

If your budget for lighting for your daughter’s bedroom is small, don’t worry. There are tons of lamps in several styles, sizes and colors that agree with any budget. Check out these lamps perfect for a girls bedroom and all under $30!
1. Desk Lamp with Pink Shade

This simple pink lamp is works great for functional lighting in a girls bedroom.  This lamp can be placed on top of a desk or bedside table.

 Girls Table or Desk Lamp: $27.80

2. purple pleated shade lamp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here is another desk or bedside lamp in purple. The pleated shade adds a feminie touch perfect for a girl’s bedroom.
Girls Table or Desk Lamp: $25.00

3. Princess cube lamp This stylish cube lamp is perfect for a teenagers bedroom. Ideal placement would be on a desk for homework or reading or bedside table.
Hot Pink PRINCESS Spinning Cube Lamp: $22.99

Foyer Lighting Design: 2 Factors to Consider

February 03, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

foyer lighting ideas

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The foyer of the home is usually the entrance used by guests.  Creating a welcoming and stylish foyer is not a difficult task.  Along with various home accents and furniture, foyer lighting can greatly impact the overall tone of your space. 

Most sizable foyers are illuminated with multiple layers of light.  If a home has a sizeable foyer, there are likely several windows at the entrance of the home.  One popular light fixture used in sizable foyers is the chandelier.  There are large elaborate chandeliers and modern chandeliers to accommodate several styles of home décor.  Another light fixture commonly found in foyers is the semi flush fixture.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Foyer Light Fixture

There are two important factors to consider when shopping for a foyer light fixture.  When shopping for your light fixture, consider the size of your space and the amount of natural light in your space.

Correct Size

Placing a large chandelier in small foyer will not be very appealing.  Although the chandelier itself is a beautiful fixture, placing it in a space far too small will take away from the beauty of the fixture. The first step in shopping for light fixtures, gather the measurements of your foyer.  Carefully compare the diameter of your light fixture and the dimensions of your foyer. 

Amount of Light

If the foyer of your home has a nice amount of natural light from windows, your lighting design plan will not require as much lighting from light fixtures.  Not all light fixtures offer the same amount of light.  When selecting a light fixture, consider the amount of natural light in your foyer.  This will help avoid too much or insufficient lighting in your foyer.

Living Room Lighting Planning: 3 Commonly Used Layers of Light Commonly Used

January 18, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

When creating a lighting plan for a living room it is critical to consider the various activities that will occur in the space.  More often, the living room of a home is used to entertain guest, watch movies, and menial tasks such as reading.  Considering the intended use of the living room, most living rooms require several types of lighting in the overall living room lighting plan.  Let’s review common types of lighting used in living rooms:

General Lighting

contemporary living room lighting design

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Of all of the types of lighting, general lighting is the one type of lighting that is almost a requirement in living room lighting design.  General lighting illuminates the room for day to day activities such as entertaining guests or enjoying a family movie.  Commonly, general lighting is provided by a ceiling light fixtures or lamps.

Task Lighting

Task lighting in living room

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Task lighting is used to provide light in a specific space or area within a room.  This form is used to complete tasks that require attention to detail such as reading, completing homework or working on various crafts.  While this form of lighting provides efficient lighting for a specified area, it is usually not sufficient lighting for an entire room.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting

If there is a desire to place attention on decorative wall art, a mirror, or other plant, accent lighting is included in the lighting design.  Accent lighting either shines from above or below a specified area placing an emphasis on a particular object.  A light fixture often used to accent various pieces of home décor is recessed light fixture.

When creating a lighting plan for your living room, carefully access your space and the intended use.  Next, take a look at the many layers of light used in residential lighting plan and determine which best suit your needs.  We hope we have provided a clear illustration on how various types of lighting are incorporated into living room lighting planning.

4 Unique Ideas to Light up Your Home

January 16, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Some houses can be dark and dingy. If your house is like this, then this can have an adverse effect on your mood and emotions. Why keep yourself in the dark when you can light up your home in many ways? Yes. You don’t have to stick boring old light bulbs and florescent lamps. Here are 5 unique ideas to light up your home.



Candle sconces. These are brackets that come in different shapes and designs and are used to hold candles. They can be placed on mirrors, stuck up the wall or on picture frames. Candle sconces can give your home a warm and romantic air. However if you think that candles are too unsafe then you can opt for wall sconces. Instead of candles, they utilize bulbs that run on electricity. Wall sconces come in different designs and colors. To make your room more inviting, use yellow light bulbs.

Lamp posts. If you have a huge front or back yard then you’ll need to light it up with lamp posts. This can illuminate the outside of your home and make it a less likely target for thieves. Plus it would be safer for you and your family as you’ll have an easier time getting around. Lamp posts come in many designs, colors and height.
Deck lights. If you live in a huge house with a big deck then having deck lights can work to your advantage. There are many sizes and shapes when it comes to deck lights. They can also come in different colors. And since they often have a low voltage, they don’t generate as much in terms of electricity compared to regular lights. Aside from illuminating your house at night they provide a nice ambiance for sitting outside during clear nights.
Lanterns. Aside from deck lights, putting lanterns in your back yard is another nice way to light up your home. Lanterns often come in different geometric patterns. They can even be in the shape of different animals such as bird or butterflies. Lanterns can be used to light up your home both indoors and outdoors.
Playing around with the lighting is one of the easiest ways to add pizzaz to your home. So let your creative side lose and light up your home in these 4 unique ways.

Our guest author of the day is Chris Zuckerman. 
Chris Zuckerman is the President at his b deck and steel deck fabrication facility located in Atlanta GA. He loves to play golf and travel around the world with his wife and 3 kids.

Basement Lighting Design: Easy as 1..2..3

December 14, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Basement Lighting Design 101

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Basements are no longer used solely for storage.  Basements are used for a variety of reasons these days from entertaining friends, to storage, living space and at times even  as a workshop.  It is important as with any living space to properly plan lighting design for your basement.

Recessed Lighting and track lighting are both perfect for basement lighting. Basements are usually used to entertain or for recreation. Both recessed lighting and track lighting easily enhacnce the décor of a space. While these type of fixtures can upgrade a space instantly, they are very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of lighting.
When designing lighting for your basement, make sure the basic components are addressed. For instance, when mapping out the placement of light switches, make sure a light switch is placed at the top of the stairs or at the entry of the basement. It can be very challenging and at times to enter a basement without proper lighting. The power switch for lighting should be easily accessible. Also, ensure there is adequate power for the lighting design. Poor planning in this area can lead to power failures, faulty wiring or worse, a fire. Finally as with lighting design for any room, consider the use of the room. If a portion of the basement will be used for a study or office, make sure adequate lighting is provided for reading or similar tasks.
Your basement lighting plan is just a second away. Proper planning and careful execution can yield wonderful results. The tips we have shared are sure to get your basement lighting plan off to a great start!