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Add a Personal Touch: DIY Light Fixtures

June 17, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Creating a custom light fixture for your home is an excellent option for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s decor. Not only are these light fixtures unique and one of a kind, they also allow individuals to add a touch of their personality to their home!

MopTopMaven created this beautiful Structural Pendant Lamp for her home. How beautiful! Think of the possibilities!

She even posts the following tutorial to help you get started:

DIY Structural Pendant Lamp (Adapted from Design*Sponge)
You will need:
40 Sheets of Felt (Although about 2 1/2 yards from a craft/fabric store should suffice, and will also be much cheaper)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Melodi Lamp from Ikea (Mine was $12.99, although they had a BIG Melodi Lamp on sale for $4.99)

Use a fabric pen/pencil to draw a circle about 1-2inches in diameter on a piece of felt.

Cut out the circle, and use it as a template to cut HUNDREDS of circles out – Don’t worry if your pieces aren’t all the same size.

Take a circle & fold it in half. With your hot glue gun, place a line of glue down the center of the crease [the back of the crease, not the front]

Overlap areas so that you can fill in the spaces, and create more of a “fluffy” appearance. That’s all there is to it, you can put them in all in one direction like I did, or lay them out randomly like Kate from Design Sponge.

Check out MopTopMaven to view more DIY projects!

Lighting and Contemporary Lighting: Is there a difference?

June 16, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Kitchen Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lights – Contractor Kit

When shopping for a light fixture for the kitchen, many are not considering the design of their homes decor. Perhaps the buyer may consider matching the color, but that is about as far as many will reach.

We found the following exert from Contemporary Interior Designs very helpful. Check it out:
Modern lighting is generally characterized by clean, simple; however, it may also contain elements of elaborate scrollwork. Contemporary kitchen lighting fixtures may be constructed from iron, bronze, or brass. Generally, modern kitchen lighting does not have colored class in its elements. Because it is used primarily to enhance the brightness of a room, kitchen fixtures that have glass elements tend to be luminescent in their shades’ coverings. The homeowner’s personal tastes and the overall décor of the room will determine the appropriate type of lighting fixtures for a kitchen.

Very interesting right?
If you would like to read more, visit Contemporary Interior Designs for a wealth of information concerning contemporary style home decor.

Classic Light Fixture|Vintage Chandeliers

February 23, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Vintage Chandelier: Only a Few Left!!

Vintage Chandeliers Are Classical and Filled With Elegance

Vintage Chandeliers Are Classical and Filled With Elegance
By Des Smalls

Are you a homeowner looking to add a vintage look of complete elegance to

your home? Then what better way to do this than to have vintage chandeliers

hanging from the ceiling which will make you be the envy of the whole

neighborhood? You can create any atmosphere you like by adding a chandelier to a

room. You can create the look that you are after whether you want to create:

o A Romantic Mood

o Calm

o Elegance

o Warmth

Why should you go for Vintage Chandeliers?

Do you think that chandeliers are something that really would add some great

character and personality to your home? The great news is that there will be a

vintage chandelier to suit everyone’s differing tastes. The benefits from having vintage chandeliers are easy to see and it is not hard

to see why these types of chandeliers are a popular choice. However, why do

people love to have these in their homes? There is not much out there that can

ooze elegance like it and there is just something about them

that increases the mood of the house.

The choice that is available is staggering and if you delve back into time, you

will notice that a lot of famous people have had them in their homes. They have

always been a popular choice and they still remain as a popular choice for many

people today. If you are searching for antique vintage chandeliers, you may be interested in

finding out about the history and the period from where the type light

originated from. You may be able to find books or to ask an antique dealer and

when all else fails, search on the internet for it.

Are you looking for:

o Victorian chandeliers

o French antique chandeliers

o Or any other vintage chandeliers

The chandeliers mentioned above will have a lot of history attached to them and

because of this, coupled with the time frame, then you could end up spending a

fortune on getting them for your home. For a lot of people, they are fascinated

about vintage chandeliers and it gets to the stage for them where money is no

object and that they must have them in their homes.

You do not have to spend a fortune on purchasing them because

there is a large range of chandeliers that are not as expensive, but which are

still high in quality. You can find the chandeliers anywhere, whether you:

o Search on the internet for them

o Go into your local department store

o Mail order catalogue

If you are stuck for inspiration or if you want to find a great vintage chandelier, you can browse in a store or online to find what suits you. There is a great range in many places, so if you want to add instant elegance to your home, you will be able to do it easily.

[], which is a division of SNS Designs, Inc. They carry wide selection of unique Chandeliers [], Vintage Chandeliers [] and Antique Chandeliers. They offer the most popular housewarming ideas, such as tiffany style lamps, table lamps, buffet lamps for everyone.

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Swag Lamps: The Pefect Light Fixture for You?

February 13, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

Kathy Ireland Pacific Gateway Swag Pendant

If you are new to interior lighting and light fixtures, the term “swag lamp” may sound strange. A swag lamp is bascially a lamp that hangs from the ceiling. How is a swag lamp different from a chandelier or pendant lighting? We found this description to clarify:
“In interior decorating, swag generally just refers to something that is hung from the ceiling in a certain method. The name comes about because the object is hung by two hooks with a swag in between them. So a great number of things and light fixtures can be “swag.”” (visit here for more on swag lamps
Unique Swag Lamp

Swag lamps are available in an assortment of styles, colors and sizes. These lamps can compliment just about any style of decor.

Hot Lighting Fixture! Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier

January 07, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier

Chandeliers are a wonderful accessory to add to any home. They are known for enhacing the style and class of dining rooms and foyers. Glass chandeliers are very popular in the world of chandelier lighting. A black chandelier is both elegant and stylish. Incorporating a black glass chandelier in a dining room space will instantly transform any space.

This black glass chandelier is a mini chandelier and features hanging beads. The retailer describes this Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier as follows:

Light up your life with this beautiful masterpiece. Our Black Mini Chandelier is made from elegant black crystal. It has black beading covering the frame as well as hanging glass teardrop accents. This home accent will look great in your foyer, dining room, powder room or any other space you think up. This functional work of art is sure to be a hit in any home!

3 Tips to Achieve Perfect Entrance Lighting!

January 07, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

The entrance or foyer of a home is the first room seen when someone visits. When designing entrance lighting, there are several factors to consider. Some factors to consider when creating entrance lighting design are space, amount of light needed and safety.

When planning to light a space, one of important factor to consider is space. Smaller foyers will not require the same amount of light as larger foyers. When lighting larger spaces, there are times that multiple lighting fixtures will be used. In some larger entrances, there is a ceiling lighting for functional lighting and other smaller light fixtures for accent lighting.
Some foyers require more foyer lighting than others. If the space is very small or if there is a nice amount of natural light in the foyer, the space may not require much light from light fixtures. However, if using decorative wall art, shadow boxes or decorative rugs, accent lighting will likely be required to illuminate these features.
Finally, when planning lighting design for entrance lighting, safety should definitely be a concern. If the space has steps or a dip in flooring, it is imperative to highlight these areas for visibility. This is very important if the entry way is the main or only entrance to the home. The last thing a homeowner should experience is a visitor injured due to poor lighting and missing a step. Usually, this is not an issue; however some larger foyers are elevated.
Remember, the foyer is the first space visitor’s experience. At times, some guests do not continue beyond this area. Make sure the lighting of this area leaves a favorable impression with visitors.

Two Types of Floor Lamps to Consider Before You Buy New Floor Lamps

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Which is the better: Torchiere Floor Lamps VS Crystal Floor Lamps

A floor lamp can combine both function and beauty when the square footage in a room is limited or if lighting is needed for other purposes. If you need to buy floor lamps, then you should compare models to determine which ones will be the best option for your budget and your personal style. Torcheire Floor Lamps
and Crystal Floor Lamps are exemplary models of this product. The first factor one should consider when you are seeking to buy floor lamps is the purpose and the placement of the lamp. If the lamp is being purchased to lend ambiance to the room, then one may want to consider purchasing a Crystal floor lamp. These models tend to be ornate in their décor, and they can be an elegant addition to any room. The second factor that one should consider is the space or square footage that you have to work within. If space is limited, then one may want to consider purchasing a Torchiere floor lamp. These lamps are quite streamlined in their designs, and they do not consume much space.

The next factor that will be taken into consideration in your search to buy floor lamps is the type of light source you would like to have. Torchiere floor lamps and Crystal floor lamps tend to have light sources that are either fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen. Fluorescent light bulbs tend to be the most environmentally friendly. Before you buy floor lamps, it would be prudent to compare Torchiere floor lamps and Crystal floor lamps from a safety standpoint. The base of the floor lamp you wish to buy should be wide in order to maintain the stability of the lamp. This fact becomes especially important if you have hyperactive pets or young children in the home. If a lamp falls over and is left for an extended period of time, it can become a potential fire hazard.

The style, color, and the texture of the floor lamp you are looking to buy should be able to provide the statement you are seeking to make. If you buy floor lamps with neutral hues and shades, then they will be more likely to blend into the décor of a room. However, purchasing a floor lamp with a brightly colored or embellished shade will draw the eye of the viewer in its direction. Torchiere floor lamps with shades of Swarovski crystals can be quite expensive, but it definitely makes an impact. Alternately, a Crystal floor lamp with a shade constructed of colored glass can make a statement, but at the fraction of a cost of the Torchiere lamp. Your budget and personal preference will be the deciding final factor in your choice.

Lighting Design and Cathedral Ceilings: 3 Options for Lighting That Work

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Cathedral Ceilings and Effective Lighting Design: 3 Tips for Perfect Lighting

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Cathedral ceilings are beautiful, high and open ceilings. They are usually found in the master bedroom or living room. While cathedral ceilings are beautiful, they can also be problematic when selecting lighting. Not only will it be difficult to change light bulbs of your light fixtures, but it may be difficult to illuminate the space if the appropriate light fixture is not selected. Some lighting options that work best with this style of home are: skylights, spotlights and track lighting.

Most homes that have cathedral ceilings also have skylights. A Skylight, a window that is placed in the roof, provides additional natural light to a space. Vaulted ceilings often make a room seem deeper and darker and the skylights can help add more natural light to any other light fixtures used. Research has shown that skylights allow 30 percent more lights to pass through than standard windows. An added benefit can be found in vented skylights. Not only do vented skylights allow you to view the beauty of nature, but they also improve ventilation by releasing hot air and odors. In the past, homeowners shied away from skylights because of the damage associated with possible leaks, but modern skylights are built to withstand leaks.

If you are decorating in a modern style or would like to place emphasis on a certain area in a room, spotlights are also an option. Most often when paired with cathedral ceilings, the spotlights are often facing upward. While spotlights are wonderful if the plan is to highlight one area, often other areas are left in the dark. Spotlights also do not compliment all styles of home décor.

Track lighting, one of the more popular styles of interior lighting, works well with cathedral ceilings. A track lighting fixture features many individual light sockets that can be positioned to illuminate several different areas of a room. This is perfect for cathedral ceilings because the rooms are usually really large and hollow. Track lighting very versatile as it can be used for task lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting. Just by installing a track light fixture you can enhance the beauty of not only your cathedral ceilings but the entire room.

Cathedral ceilings are a beautiful feature in any home. Although they are beautiful, they also require careful planning when selecting lighting. Track lighting, spotlights and skylights are three options to jump start your lighting design project.

Effective Interior Lighting For Any Basement

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Basement Lighting Design: 3 Types of Interior Lighting Perfect for the Basement

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Basements are known for being large and dark. Both of these features can be a nightmare when creating your lighting design. Once it has been determined how the basement will be used in the home, it will be easier to develop a plan for adequate lighting. The layout of the basement usually limits the amount of natural light used in basement lighting. The first step of basement lighting is carefully considering the layout of your basement.

Eight out of nine basements are underground. They are known for being the lowest room of the home. Basements are also usually used for shelter and storage. If your room is used for shelter or storage, lighting is not really important. However, there are times a basement can be used for entertainment or even to extend living quarters. If a basement will be a functional room, we will have to plan carefully to provide adequate lighting. Because the basement is usually completely or partially underground, most of the lighting will be provided by lighting fixtures. If you have a basement that is partially above ground and has windows, take advantage of the natural light from these windows by making sure they are not blocked by shrubs or bushes. While natural lighting is nice, most basements are illuminated by track lighting
, fluorescent lighting or use lighting with sensors.

Track lighting has become a very popular light fixture. Unlike many other light fixtures where there is one light position, track lights have a track device that features multiple light positions. As a result, track lighting can provide lighting in areas that may be problematic for a traditional ceiling or pendant light. With multiple light positions, the positions can be situated to light the same areas or multiple areas. Track lights are very similar to spotlights but are more attractive and more effective in a home setting. If track lighting does not agree with the style of décor or the look and feel desired, fluorescent lights are also an option.

While fluorescent lights are usually used in schools and offices, they can also work well in a basement. Fluorescent lights use electricity and vapor to produce light. This light fixture is becoming more and more popular because it is over 50 percent cheaper than traditional lighting. Fluorescent light bulbs also have a longer life span than standard bulbs and they do not give off heat. All of the factors above call for effective, functional and affordable basement lighting. However, what about lighting that is convenient? Perhaps a fluorescent light bulb can be used with sensors?

Outdoor motion light sensors are usually added to add a sense of security to homes. However, what if light sensors are used to enhance interior lighting? Basement motion light sensors could not only save you money but prove very helpful. If you are using the basement for storage, it would be very convenient to have the lights automatically switch on when you enter. Light sensors would also help conserve energy if the room is not in use. The only draw back to using sensors would be if there is little movement because you are relaxing and the lights shut off.
Whether you are using the basement for entertainment or storage, lighting will definitely be required in your basement. Once you have determined the use of the room, pay attention to the layout of your basement. In order to create an effective design for basement lighting, it is important to be aware of the type of light that your need and what you currently have from nature.

Dragonfly Tiffany Inspired Lamp

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Stainless Tiffany Styled Lamp

This beautiful dragonfly stained glass Tiffany style Lamp
is a reproduction of the Dragonfly design of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The shade is 18″ in diameter with 6 dragonflies, each with glowing ruby red eyes. A combination of elements make this gorgeous lamp a stunning and unique piece of art. The lamp is extremely detailed with an array of various colored jewels that brilliantly shine. The brilliant green colored dragonflies that encircle the lamp are surrounded by a yellow and white colored glass, creating a sense of elegance. While the top portion of the lamp is of the most sought-after designs of all time. These lamps have shades made of glass and metal bases with antique style bronze finish. This is a substantial lamp, with a nice solid weight. There is no question that this lamp would beautify fit all your décor patterns. It is ideal for any living room, bedrooms or simply any room in the house. Total lamp height is 25 1/2, it uses two 60 watt and one 25 watt standard bulbs watt (not included).