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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

December 20, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

When decorating or remodeling your kitchen, it can be simple to overlook the importance of kitchen lighting. If you are spending a considerable amount of money replacing your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and appliances, why would you want to stick with the same old florescent lighting that your house came with? Take a look at some of the most popular design ideas today!

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If you want your kitchen to have a warm and inviting feel, look for pendant style kitchen light fixtures. One of the primary advantages to choosing pendant light fixtures is that they can easily be scaled to suit the size of your kitchen. Pendant lights are available in a wide variety of different colors and styles. Pendant lights usually require incandescent bulbs, which do generate more heat than other types of bulbs.

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Track lighting is ideal for those who want to be able to highlight a particular aesthetic element of their space. These kitchen lighting fixtures feature lights that can be adjusted to shine on different parts of the kitchen as needed. The lights could be positioned to highlight a piece of art hanging on your wall or new appliances that you are proud of. Not all track lighting is designed to be seen, however. For example, directional track lighting can be installed under cabinetry to highlight a beautiful backsplash.

Ceiling kitchen light fixtures can run the gamut from traditional fluorescent track lighting to elegant wrought iron chandeliers. There will be no shortage of options for you to choose from. A chandelier can be hung in your kitchen to serve as a statement piece, or ceiling mount kitchen light fixtures can be used to make a more subtle design statement. Alternately, for contemporary kitchens, recessed lighting offers the ideal blend of clean lines and functionality.

4 Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Less than $50

December 06, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Replacing kitchen lighting fixtures can give the entire space a totally new look.  While most remodeling jobs are considered costly, switching kitchen light fixtures can be a very inexpensive option.  As with most projects, certain types of light fixtures are more affordable than others. 

 Inexpensive Kitchen Lighting Fixtures: 4 Options Under $50

Not every attractive light fixture has to cost an arm and a leg. There are several stylish kitchen light fixtures on the market that can accommodate even the tightest budget. Let’s take a look at a few:

Hardware House Ceiling Light Fixture: $29.58

Kitchen lighting fixture Sophisticated and coordinated, the Hardware House Berkshire Lighting Collection brings style and elegance to your home. With lights made of warm amber-colored glass, and hardware brushed with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, Berkshire fixtures are versatile enough to complement both classic and modern furnishings. And because all necessary mounting hardware is included with each fixture, installation is quick and easy.



Hardware House Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture: $45.78
semi flush kitchen light fixture A lovely addition to any kitchen, bedroom, office, or entry hall, this 544676 ceiling fixture from Hardware House’s Bristol series combines a sleek modern design with intricate, elegant detailing. The fixture, with its beautiful brushed-nickel finish, features gracefully curved arms and an alabaster-glass shade that faces upward, gently diffusing light and eliminating that unappealingly direct, bright glare while studying, dining, or playing table games with family and friends. Best of all, its matching trim plate seamlessly covers a ceiling box for enhanced aesthetic appeal. With its semi-flush mount design, the ceiling fixture measures 13 inches in diameter by 11 inches high and uses two 60-watt A19 medium bulbs (not included).




Hardware House Chandelier: $49.00
kitchen chandelier lightingThe Berkshire Collection comprises seven pieces that provide infinite decorating possibilities. Each fixture features lights made of amber-colored glass and hardware with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The collection’s signature piece is a chandelier with five lights supported by gently curved arms. Measuring a generous 21 inches by 18 inches, it is an eye-catching addition to any dining area or entryway.

For additional overhead lighting options, the collection also includes two ceiling lights–in flush and semi-flush mounts. The flush-mount fixture is 12 inches by 5-1/2 inches, and it features a wide bronze band across the top and a hemisphere light with bronze finial. The semi-flush mount fixture is 14-1/2 inches by 10 inches, and it features a down rod and decorative scrolls.



World Imports Lighting Semi-Flush Light Fixture: $26.16
semi flush light fixture A marvel in an entryway, kitchen, hallway, den, or other room in need of general overhead lighting, this 9007-88 Luray light fixture by World Imports Lighting combines classic vintage charm with modern allure for a beautiful addition to any home. The semi-flush ceiling fixture supplies a 6-1/2-inch-diameter canopy, an adjustable stem, and hardware–all in an oil-rubbed bronze finish for a lovely pairing with surrounding decor. Its opal glass shade, with a bump in the bottom shaped like a drop of water about to form, offers visual interest and gently diffuses light cast from within. The light fixture uses a 60-watt A19 medium incandescent bulb and installs easily to any flat ceiling. Overall, the light fixture measures 12 inches in diameter by 10 inches high.

Finding the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

July 12, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

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If you are shopping for a light fixture that provides illumination and style, a dining room chandelier is the perfect lighting options.  Stylish and effective, a dining room chandelier instantly enhances the ambiance in your dining room.  Shopping for a chandelier for your dining room is not difficult when you consider the following tips:

Size Matters

As with any other light fixture, size is a huge factor when shopping for a chandelier for your dining room. It is important to make sure the chandelier is in proportion to your dining room table and the space in the dining room.  Per, a dining room chandelier should be about a foot less than the width of your dining room table.


Along with size, it is important that a chandelier properly lights your space.  Make sure to consider the area and type of lighting desired when shopping for a chandelier.  Make sure to consider they type of bulbs used in the chandelier.  This could be a maintenance issue if the chandelier required bulbs that are unique or inexpensive.

Style and Decor

Remember to consider the decor of your home when selecting a chandelier.  If you have a contemporary dining room table, a victorian or vintage chandelier will not be the best light fixture for your space.  There are chandeliers available in a number of styles, sizes and colors.  Consider your style of decor when selecting your dining room chandelier.

Eye Catching Kitchen Lighting Ideas

May 08, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Creating a focal point in the kitchen requires planning and creativity. There are not usually any larger items, such as beds or sofas, used when decorating or designing a kitchen. A great option to capture the attention of a guest entering the kitchen is unexpected or unique lighting. We have pulled together a few unexpected kitchen lighting ideas to jump start your creative juices:

Fabric Covered Light Fixtures:
fabric covered drum pendantFabric covered light fixtures add a creative touch to kitchen lighting plans. One of the more commonly used fabric light fixtures if the drum pendant light. These fixtures consist of a large fabric covered shade and a simple light kit. This form of light fixture can also be very inexpensive. The drum pendant light can be created as an intermediate level DIY project.

The singular chandelier:

There are many chandelier styles available to suit a number of rooms/uses. A singular chandelier is a single tier chandelier that can be used to define space within the kitchen.
This style chandelier is functional and stylish when placed properly. In most cases, a singular chandelier works best over the kitchen island or kitchen dining room table. (more…)

Creating a Kitchen Lighting Plan

April 02, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

One of the most difficult tasks in home renovation projects is creating a lighting plan. Creating a kitchen lighting plan is especially difficult because of the several different factors involved. We have composed a quick guide to assist with creating an effective lighting plan for your kitchen.
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Stylish Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Track Lighting

April 01, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

 kitchen track lighting
If you are in need of kitchen lighting ideas, consider installing track lighting in your kitchen. Adding new light fixtures to a room is the easiest and quickest route to give your room a new look. Depending on the type of light fixture selected, this can also save lots of money on a home renovation product.

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General Lighting with Kitchen Ceiling Lights

March 14, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen ceiling lights are a common fixture in almost every kitchen.  Kitchens decorated in all styles all require general lighting.  Ceiling light fixturesare great sources of general lighting.

What is general lighting?

General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, is used to illuminate or highlight a room.  This is the basic light used for simple tasks such as putting away groceries or having a discussion with friends or family.  Tasks that require attention to detail, such as washing dishes or chopping vegtables, require additional lighting. Kitchen ceiling light are the best option for general lighting. Ceiling light fixtures are usually placed in the center of the room or strategically placed throughout the room providing even lighting.
kitchen ceiling lightsimage source (more…)

Kitchen Lighting Design: Layering Task and Ambient Lighting

February 14, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Design

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Kitchens are no longer reserved for cooking and washing dishes. Modern homes feature floor plans that encourage entertaining in the kitchen. As a result, the fundamentals of kitchen lighting design have also evolved. Task lighting has been the main type of lighting used in kitchens. Kitchens are for chopping, cooking and cleaning. All of these tasks require proper illumination to be executed properly. Combining task lighting and ambient lighting make for a great base or starting point for a kitchen lighting plan.

Task Lighting in Kitchens
One thing is for sure, no matter the size, at some point, every kitchen will be used to prepare a meal or clean a dish. From microwave dinners to large gourmet meals, cooking takes place in virtually every kitchen. This is why task lighting is so important when creating kitchen lighting design. A beautiful kitchen with poor illumination would not serve its purpose if there is not enough light to prepare a meal. Some great ideas for placing task lighting in your kitchen lighting plan are: over cabinets, over your kitchen island and within your pantry. Some great options for task lighting fixtures are: pendant light fixtures and flush mount ceiling light fixtures.
Ambient Lighting in Kitchens
Ambient lighting is used to enhance the mood or ambiance in a room. You may wonder why there is a need to set the “mood” in your kitchen. Well, as we mentioned earlier, modern floor plans are designing kitchens to encourage space for entertaining guests. If you are creating a lighting plan for a home with one of these floor plan’s ambient lighting is great for creating a warm and inviting illusion for your guests. Some popular light fixtures to use for ambient lighting are: flush mount light fixtures, pendant light fixtures and adjustable track lighting.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

January 22, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

Dining room lighting should capture the beauty of the room and provide adequate lighting for dining, homework and other tasks.  As you begin gathering ideas for dining room lighting design, consider the placement of furniture and the intended use of the dining room. Chandelier lighting and recessed lighting are commonly used to illuminate dining rooms.

Chandeliers in Dining Rooms

chandelier dining room light fixture

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Chandeliers are very popular dining room light fixtures. Chandeliers are considered classic and very stylish.  The dining room table is usually the focal point of a home’s dining room.  The table is usually large and placed in the center of the room.  This is great placement when considering the lighting plan.  The chandelier is placed over the dining room table. When hanging a chandelier over a dining room table, the chandelier should be placed 30-32 inches above the dining room table.

Recessed Lighting in Dining Rooms

Recessed lighting dining room

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Recessed lighting is commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms.  This form of lighting works well if layering different types of light.  Many dining rooms that feature chandeliers also feature recessed lighting.  While chandelier lighting is beautiful, it is rarely sufficient for lighting the entire dining room.  Recessed lighting is commonly used with chandelier lighting in dining room lighting design.

Other Lighting Ideas for Dining Rooms

There are several light fixtures ideal for lighting dining rooms.  If a chandelier is not in line with your current style of décor, consider pendant light fixtures, floor lamps or track lighting.  Each of these fixtures could provide adequate dining room light if placed properly.  If your dining room has windows, make the best of natural lighting.  Consider window treatments that are transparent or allow a great amount of light to pass through.

Lighting and Contemporary Lighting: Is there a difference?

June 16, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Kitchen Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lights – Contractor Kit

When shopping for a light fixture for the kitchen, many are not considering the design of their homes decor. Perhaps the buyer may consider matching the color, but that is about as far as many will reach.

We found the following exert from Contemporary Interior Designs very helpful. Check it out:
Modern lighting is generally characterized by clean, simple; however, it may also contain elements of elaborate scrollwork. Contemporary kitchen lighting fixtures may be constructed from iron, bronze, or brass. Generally, modern kitchen lighting does not have colored class in its elements. Because it is used primarily to enhance the brightness of a room, kitchen fixtures that have glass elements tend to be luminescent in their shades’ coverings. The homeowner’s personal tastes and the overall décor of the room will determine the appropriate type of lighting fixtures for a kitchen.

Very interesting right?
If you would like to read more, visit Contemporary Interior Designs for a wealth of information concerning contemporary style home decor.