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3 Reasons an Iron Chandelier the Perfect Lighting Fixture

January 08, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

Minka Lavery Clarte| Iron Chandelier

Iron chandeliers can enhance several styles of home décor. Iron can be used to create a sleek or modern chandelier or easily result in a beautiful vintage chandelier.

Easy Maintanience
Chandeliers made of other materials, such as glass or crystal, are very beautiful and elegant light fixtures. However, it is not very easy to keep clean. On the other hand, iron chandeliers are very easy to maintain. Iron is a sturdy material that does not require a lot of cleaning maintenance. Cleaning an iron chandelier can be as simple as attacking the fixture with a duster. When it is time to deeply clean the chandelier, it is important to disconnect the power and/or bulbs before cleansing with soap and water. The only cautionary “tip” is to remember that iron does rust. In order to preserve the chandelier, do not allow hang an iron chandelier in humid spaces or allow the fixture to remain wet or damp after cleaning.
Assortment of Sizes
Iron chandeliers are available in an assortment of styles and sizes. Not all spaces and homes are the same size. Although the “iron” modifier gives the impression of a massive or large fixture, that is not always the case. If decorating a smaller space, there are mini iron chandeliers and smaller chandeliers available as well.
As mentioned above, there are hundreds of iron chandeliers in several sizes and styles. This is definitely an advantage decorators and homeowners feel in their wallets. With such a wide variety of styles and sizes, there is a wide price range which can certainly accommodate any budget. Iron chandeliers are definitely affordable options for decorators seeking more “bang” for their buck.

Creating a new antique or modern look in a space with an iron chandelier just became a bit easier. With the ease of upkeep, assortment of styles, both coupled with a reasonable price tag… How could one resist! Check out these awesome iron chandeliers below!

Alhambra Collection Round Island Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

Country French Wrought Iron Tole Chandelier With Shades

What is the Best Form of Contemporary Lighting for My Kitchen?

July 13, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Elm Park Collection Bronze 4-Light Adjustable Fixture (44878)

Contemporary lighting in the kitchen is a concern for most homeowners who are renovating their kitchens. This type of kitchen lighting is currently a highly popular decorating scheme; however, dimly lit areas of the kitchen may make the kitchen seem uninviting or depressing. However, contemporary lighting can be tasteful and an adequate source of lighting if a person keeps several considerations in mind. Before choosing kitchen lighting, the homeowner should first consider the natural lighting of the room. For example, what direction are the windows of the room facing? Southern facing windows will receive more natural light during the day; however, northern facing windows will achieve a light that is more consistent and shadow free. Additionally, is there any type of landscaping or architecture in the yard that affects how the natural light flows through the windows? The second consideration to bear in mind when choosing kitchen lighting is the type of activities that take place in the kitchen. Most families do their cooking in the kitchen. Yet, if the kitchen is a spot where the children routinely do their homework, their lighting needs will be different from those of a kitchen where only cooking takes place.

Other considerations to keep in mind when choosing contemporary lighting include whether or not there are any aspects of the kitchen that the individual wishes to focus attention upon. For example, kitchen track lighting, placed underneath the cabinets of a kitchen, will highlight the back splash of the kitchen. Recessed lighting may be placed so that it highlights a piece of artwork. Certain decorating elements will also affect how contemporary lighting affects one’s kitchen. A mirror will add a sense of spaciousness to an environment; however, shutters on the interior windows of the kitchen will block natural lighting of the sun. Furthermore, the natural traffic pattern of the kitchen will affect how the type of contemporary lighting a person should choose. Light switches for the lighting should be placed in convenient locations near the entrances and exits of the room. However, the placement of tables, chairs, or bar stools in the kitchen will affect how individuals move about the room and the areas of the kitchen that they will inhabit most. When chosen with careful deliberation, contemporary lighting can add much to the décor of a kitchen.

Perfect Kitchen Lighting: Kitchen Pendant Lighting

July 09, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting has become quite popular in most recently renovated kitchens. This type of lighting fixture is especially adept at highlight particular features in a kitchen, such as a peninsular or an island. In addition to their attractive appearance, kitchen pendant lighting also provides lighting that is essential for certain tasks. These types of kitchen lighting fixtures are manufactured in numerous different shapes and sizes. With such a wide plethora of choices, an individual is almost guaranteed to find what he or she is looking for. Large home improvement stores are the most ideal method of examining kitchen lighting fixtures for different shapes, sizes, or colors. Seeing a fixture in person will allow an individual to visualize how the fixture will look in their home. However, if visiting such as store is not an option, the Internet offers multiple vendors who sell these wares. Destination Lighting has a large selection of pendant light fixtures like this Three Light Pendant Light.

A person should also pay attention to the pendant lighting fixtures that they see in restaurants and bars. The manager of the establishment should be able to direct the customer to the manufacturer of the piece if a fixture catches one’s eye.

When shopping for kitchen pendant lighting, it is important for a person to obtain a price quote on each piece that he or she is interested in. Most retailers will charge an individual a 15% restocking fee if the item is to be returned. Another aspect of these kitchen lighting fixtures to consider is the colored class of the pendant. Many of these types of fixtures are custom made and hand painted; therefore, the exact item that one sees in a store catalog may not be a mirror replica of the item they actually receive. It is imperative that a homeowner be specific about the color of the fixture that they are ordering. Before a person orders any type of kitchen pendant lighting, it is important for them to ensure that there will be enough height to their ceiling for the fixture to hang properly. Most general contractors recommend hanging pendant lighting approximately 30” to 40” above its intended target. However, because kitchens are such highly interactive environments, it is important to consider the height of different individuals in the home to ensure their comfort.

Popular Kitchen Lighting Types

May 28, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

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Each kitchen needs proper illumination for the various tasks one does in there, with cooking being at the top of the list. Of course there are lots of options on kitchen lighting however when it’s time to upgrade your cooking area, how do you know which is the best type to get to benefit mostly from it?

One of the most commonly used types is the under cabinet lighting as this is one that truly enhances the ambient of any kitchen. You can find many types for this with three lighting options that will mostly suit you: LED lights, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. Each of these has its benefits and drawbacks, so before buying any of them, make your research to get the best one for your needs.

Kitchen track lighting is also popular with homeowners. You can find nowadays gorgeous and sleek light fixtures that add a pointed illumination to the work area. A particular strong benefit of having it around is the fact that it is extremely flexible to install anywhere you want some extra light.

Recessed lighting is mounted in the ceiling and similarly with track lighting it can add pointed illumination to any specific area. Unlike the other types, this one needs to be installed by an electrician since it has to be mounted on the ceiling directly. You can do it as well if you have enough DIY know-how, but if you’re not sure about yourself, a professional at his job is your best bet. It only takes a few minutes to do it properly.

If you use decorative lighting in your kitchen, you will greatly enhance the appearance of the room and you can do it with pretty much any illumination fixture type. Nowadays manufacturers have striven to offer great and good looking models that make any room proud.

Antique sconces are one of most beautiful wall sconces lighting types and they add a lot to any room they are placed in. Visit my website at to learn more.

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3 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Must Have!

May 06, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

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Best Kitchen Lighting Design: 3 Types of Lighting Needed

Designing the perfect kitchen for the home begins with selecting proper lighting. Many kitchens need three types of lighting:
Each of the types of lighting listed above is important in establishing proper lighting in your kitchen.

Decorative lighting is better known as accent lighting. This form of lighting is often used to highlight artwork, plants or statues. On the other hand, task lighting is used to illuminate a space so that you can complete a task. This type of light is also referred to as functional light. Ambient light is what we call our natural light. This type of light we get from our windows and sky lights.

The types of light we select works with other features of our kitchen to create an overall atmosphere. For instance, if the kitchen is a larger kitchen, more light will be required. For a large kitchen with ambient lighting, lots of task lighting will also be required. Designers would also need to consider where the lights are place. If the light fixture is not placed where cabinets and countertops receive proper illumination, the effect can ruin your kitchen in either appearance or functionality. As with any other space, when designing your kitchen décor, consider the placement of your doors and windows. The windows will allow for natural light and help provide necessary task lighting.

Come styles of light fixtures used in kitchens are pendant lights, chandeliers and cabinet lights. Kitchen is not only using for preparing meals, but can also be used for an array of other activities as well. Creating a highly functional and comfortable kitchen is dependant on selecting proper lighting for your space.

4 Key Benefits of Using Kitchen Pendant Lighting

May 04, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

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Kitchen pendant lighting is quickly finding its way into every household. In fact, even some of the commercial kitchens have started using pendant lights rather than conventional ceiling lights. Using kitchen pendant lighting in households has its own share of advantages. These advantages motivate people to use this class of lighting.

There are 4 primary classes of benefits that one can hope to enjoy using kitchen pendant lighting. These classes of benefits are summarized below.

Focus in lighting: Unlike the high-up ceiling lighting, one can set better focus at the right places of requirements. For example, you may want to have more light on your counter tops and islands compared to other places in your kitchen. With pendant lighting, you would be able to set the bottom of the fixture to be low-hanging enough such that the primary focus of the lighting is much better centralized at the right counter top or island. In addition, you can hang the pendant as low as around six to six-and-half feet since you would not move at places that are directly above your table. This sort of fixture would give you a tremendous improvement in setting the focus of the light. Your eyes would be strained lesser if you are trying to read a recipe from the cookbook and cook it.
Control of spread of light: The lower you hang your kitchen pendant lighting, the less will be the spread of the light. In other words, the light will be used to serve your needs rather than spread all over the kitchen. On the other hand, if you raise the pendant height then the light will be better distributed across the kitchen, providing more brightness to the kitchen as a whole. So if you use two pendants in a combination with one hanging low and the other hanging high, then you would be able to meet both your requirements of god focus and well-distributed kitchen lighting.
Ease of maintenance: Accept the reality – every light needs cleaning. With a relatively low-hanging pendant, cleaning and maintaining becomes a much easier task compared to cleaning a ceiling mounted light. You would be able to physically reach the light practically without any height support, and thus control the cleaning much better.
Decor improvement: Kitchen pendant lighting dramatically improves the looks of your kitchen. These lights today are available in a number of classic and contemporary models and looks with gorgeous and stylish finishing. Select the one that goes well with the rest of your kitchen, and the overall kitchen decor will be so much improved that it will probably make your neighbor jealous.
As you see, the benefits of using kitchen pendant lighting are extremely practical in real life. These are some of the primary reasons that such lighting keeps attracting more and more people.

Using kitchen pendant lighting in the home makes a great improvement to interior decor. Visit before starting your next home and kitchen improvement project.

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Kitchen Lighting Option: Under Cabinet LED Lighting

January 31, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

Trendy Kitchen Lighting: Under Cabinet LED Lighting

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Many homeowners are looking for ways to increase the value of their homes. As a result, several families are considering DIY projects to upgrade their homes. One commonly remodeled space is the kitchen. Day in and day out, kitchens are remodeled by replacing tile, backsplash, and maybe even adding a kitchen island. Why not think outside the box and add a unique form of lighting to your kitchen?
Many kitchens use traditional overhead or track lighting. Create a unique feel to your kitchen with under cabinet LED lighting. Adding under cabinet lighting will surely make your home stand out.
In the past, any under cabinet lighting that was featured in homes was made possible by fluorescent light bulbs. While this type of lighting does provide a different style and feel from standard lighting, replacing the bulbs can prove difficult.
One major advantage to LED under cabinet lighting is the convenience of never having to replace a light bulb. LED lights are guaranteed to last over 40K hours. This pretty much equals a lifetime unless your light usage is off the meter!
Another advantage is the energy efficient manner in which the lights are made. LED lights are made 3 watts and as a result usually result in over 65% energy savings. Although the lights are low voltage, they provide evenly distributed light. While these lights are not harsh and bright, they will highlight the natural beauty in the color of your countertops.
LED lights are structurally very small when compared to fluorescent lights. This allows the lights to be placed strategically close to the front of the cabinet providing optimal light to perform any cooking or cleaning in kitchens. Along with being very user friendly in regard to installation, under cabinet LED lighting also has the following features:
• 3 level dimmer
• Multiple sizes (fixtures)
• Night light
Under cabinet LED lights may be a new option in the world of kitchen lighting, but it is quickly becoming a favorite. Who can resist a trendy, highly functional and energy saving options? What do you have to lose?