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Crystal Chandelier: Classic Elegance

December 15, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

Product Description
A Great European Tradition. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. This beautiful crystal chandelier is decorated with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs, each resting in a scalloped bobache.The timeless elegance of this chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere in every home! Please note this item requires assembly. This item comes with 18 inches of chain. SIZE: H.27″ X W.32″ 12 LIGHTS. Lightbulbs not included

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Basement Lighting Design: Easy as 1..2..3

December 14, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Basement Lighting Design 101

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Basements are no longer used solely for storage.  Basements are used for a variety of reasons these days from entertaining friends, to storage, living space and at times even  as a workshop.  It is important as with any living space to properly plan lighting design for your basement.

Recessed Lighting and track lighting are both perfect for basement lighting. Basements are usually used to entertain or for recreation. Both recessed lighting and track lighting easily enhacnce the décor of a space. While these type of fixtures can upgrade a space instantly, they are very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of lighting.
When designing lighting for your basement, make sure the basic components are addressed. For instance, when mapping out the placement of light switches, make sure a light switch is placed at the top of the stairs or at the entry of the basement. It can be very challenging and at times to enter a basement without proper lighting. The power switch for lighting should be easily accessible. Also, ensure there is adequate power for the lighting design. Poor planning in this area can lead to power failures, faulty wiring or worse, a fire. Finally as with lighting design for any room, consider the use of the room. If a portion of the basement will be used for a study or office, make sure adequate lighting is provided for reading or similar tasks.
Your basement lighting plan is just a second away. Proper planning and careful execution can yield wonderful results. The tips we have shared are sure to get your basement lighting plan off to a great start!

Recessed Light Fixtures: Perfect Bathroom Lighting

November 28, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Bathroom Lighting, Light Fixtures

Recessed Lighting

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Recessed lighting is a form of lighting often used to enhance the décor in bathrooms. Recessed light fixtures can be used as general bathroom lighting or within showers or over a bathtub or whirlpool. While recessed lighting can be added during a home renovation, there are also forms of recessed lighting that has to be installed when the home is built. Let’s take a closer look at recessed light fixtures and the many possibilities of decorating with a recessed light fixture.
As mentioned above, recessed light fixtures can be used in the bathroom, specifically in the shower stall. Sounds dangerous right? Well, there are recessed light fixturesthat are “Suitable for Wet Locations”. If decorators plan to use a light fixture the fixture MUST carry the label “Suitable for Wet Locations”.
There are some recessed light fixtures that have to be installed before the ceiling is closed. This usually means that the fixture has to be installed as the house is being built. However, there are fixtures that can be added to a house that is not in building phases.
Recessed light fixtures lend many options to decorators looking to enhance their current lighting design. Sit down and create a plan to determine exactly what type of recessed lighting is required for your space.

Add a Personal Touch: DIY Light Fixtures

June 17, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Creating a custom light fixture for your home is an excellent option for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s decor. Not only are these light fixtures unique and one of a kind, they also allow individuals to add a touch of their personality to their home!

MopTopMaven created this beautiful Structural Pendant Lamp for her home. How beautiful! Think of the possibilities!

She even posts the following tutorial to help you get started:

DIY Structural Pendant Lamp (Adapted from Design*Sponge)
You will need:
40 Sheets of Felt (Although about 2 1/2 yards from a craft/fabric store should suffice, and will also be much cheaper)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Melodi Lamp from Ikea (Mine was $12.99, although they had a BIG Melodi Lamp on sale for $4.99)

Use a fabric pen/pencil to draw a circle about 1-2inches in diameter on a piece of felt.

Cut out the circle, and use it as a template to cut HUNDREDS of circles out – Don’t worry if your pieces aren’t all the same size.

Take a circle & fold it in half. With your hot glue gun, place a line of glue down the center of the crease [the back of the crease, not the front]

Overlap areas so that you can fill in the spaces, and create more of a “fluffy” appearance. That’s all there is to it, you can put them in all in one direction like I did, or lay them out randomly like Kate from Design Sponge.

Check out MopTopMaven to view more DIY projects!

Classic Light Fixture|Vintage Chandeliers

February 23, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Vintage Chandelier: Only a Few Left!!

Vintage Chandeliers Are Classical and Filled With Elegance

Vintage Chandeliers Are Classical and Filled With Elegance
By Des Smalls

Are you a homeowner looking to add a vintage look of complete elegance to

your home? Then what better way to do this than to have vintage chandeliers

hanging from the ceiling which will make you be the envy of the whole

neighborhood? You can create any atmosphere you like by adding a chandelier to a

room. You can create the look that you are after whether you want to create:

o A Romantic Mood

o Calm

o Elegance

o Warmth

Why should you go for Vintage Chandeliers?

Do you think that chandeliers are something that really would add some great

character and personality to your home? The great news is that there will be a

vintage chandelier to suit everyone’s differing tastes. The benefits from having vintage chandeliers are easy to see and it is not hard

to see why these types of chandeliers are a popular choice. However, why do

people love to have these in their homes? There is not much out there that can

ooze elegance like it and there is just something about them

that increases the mood of the house.

The choice that is available is staggering and if you delve back into time, you

will notice that a lot of famous people have had them in their homes. They have

always been a popular choice and they still remain as a popular choice for many

people today. If you are searching for antique vintage chandeliers, you may be interested in

finding out about the history and the period from where the type light

originated from. You may be able to find books or to ask an antique dealer and

when all else fails, search on the internet for it.

Are you looking for:

o Victorian chandeliers

o French antique chandeliers

o Or any other vintage chandeliers

The chandeliers mentioned above will have a lot of history attached to them and

because of this, coupled with the time frame, then you could end up spending a

fortune on getting them for your home. For a lot of people, they are fascinated

about vintage chandeliers and it gets to the stage for them where money is no

object and that they must have them in their homes.

You do not have to spend a fortune on purchasing them because

there is a large range of chandeliers that are not as expensive, but which are

still high in quality. You can find the chandeliers anywhere, whether you:

o Search on the internet for them

o Go into your local department store

o Mail order catalogue

If you are stuck for inspiration or if you want to find a great vintage chandelier, you can browse in a store or online to find what suits you. There is a great range in many places, so if you want to add instant elegance to your home, you will be able to do it easily.

[], which is a division of SNS Designs, Inc. They carry wide selection of unique Chandeliers [], Vintage Chandeliers [] and Antique Chandeliers. They offer the most popular housewarming ideas, such as tiffany style lamps, table lamps, buffet lamps for everyone.

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Upgrade Your Decor with an Antique Hanging Light!

January 31, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures


Antique Hanging Light Fixtures

By Amy Everet

Dale Tiffany Fruit Pool Hanging Light, Antique Brass and Art Glass Shade

A hanging light is not only used for illumination purposes but it also creates a great atmosphere and ambiance. Mostly seen in restaurants and hotels, these lights are also liked by people to create a focal point in any area whether indoor or outdoor. To facilitate their installation, hanging light fixtures are used. These fixtures are available in many different styles and varieties and help to adjust the height at which these lights should be hanged.

There are two basic types of light fixtures available; one is those that have cables or wires running through them while the second ones are merely used for supporting battery operated lights or globes. These fixtures can be fixed simply through using screws and nails which can be covered with a plate so that they do not look unpleasant to the eye. The chain or cord length can be adjusted so that the main globe or bulb is neither to far above nor too close. At a medium height the hanging fixture illuminates by creating the perfect light effect and does not cause any kind of hindrance in movement as well.
Dale Tiffany Boehme 3-Light Hanging Light, Antique Golden Sand and Art Glass Shade

Fixtures are a small expense however they are essential to support all kinds of hanging lights. Your choice of cord or chain fixture may depend on the area as well as the light which it intends to support. There are many different designs, styles and sizes of hanging lights available in the market. There are hanging lanterns, iron, copper or glass globes, wooden or metal globes, painted or natural ones with circular, triangular or rectangular shapes.

The selection of hanging lights relies on the area it aims to illuminate. For bathrooms, dens, recreation rooms and over a snooker or ping pong table, smaller pendant like lights are the best choice. Lanterns are used in patios, gardens or any kind of outdoor area. You can use these fixtures to create a contemporary or a traditional look. For instance the steel or metal lights have a more modern feel whereas natural, wooden ones as well as lanterns look more conventional.

The hanging lights don’t just illuminate an area but they also accentuate the ambiance through creating different effects through lighting. A lot of modern houses use these lights either in kitchens or in the outdoor area. You can easily install them yourself and create an artistic feel without spending hefty amounts of money.

Visit hanging light or billiard light for more information.

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Stylish Light Fixture: Luciana Eight Light Chandelier

January 08, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

Luciana Eight Light Chandelier – Burke Decor

The design inspiration of the Luciana family of fixtures has no specific dating, being an imaginative mix of historically inspired motifs creatively combined to create the unique effect. The supporting sculptural armature of wrought iron in St. Regis Bronze finish, here serving as exaggerated candle arms, is inspired by the early 18th century lyre framework of large crystal chandeliers. The net like effect of the tiny crystal buttons intricately draped arouns the framework is a 19th century concept. Candles springing from a profusion of elongated leaves is from an even later influence. The result is a delicate yet spectacular fixture that is daringly original in it’s total composition.

More information for the Luciana Eight Light Chandelier – Burke Decor can be found here.

3 Reasons an Iron Chandelier the Perfect Lighting Fixture

January 08, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

Minka Lavery Clarte| Iron Chandelier

Iron chandeliers can enhance several styles of home décor. Iron can be used to create a sleek or modern chandelier or easily result in a beautiful vintage chandelier.

Easy Maintanience
Chandeliers made of other materials, such as glass or crystal, are very beautiful and elegant light fixtures. However, it is not very easy to keep clean. On the other hand, iron chandeliers are very easy to maintain. Iron is a sturdy material that does not require a lot of cleaning maintenance. Cleaning an iron chandelier can be as simple as attacking the fixture with a duster. When it is time to deeply clean the chandelier, it is important to disconnect the power and/or bulbs before cleansing with soap and water. The only cautionary “tip” is to remember that iron does rust. In order to preserve the chandelier, do not allow hang an iron chandelier in humid spaces or allow the fixture to remain wet or damp after cleaning.
Assortment of Sizes
Iron chandeliers are available in an assortment of styles and sizes. Not all spaces and homes are the same size. Although the “iron” modifier gives the impression of a massive or large fixture, that is not always the case. If decorating a smaller space, there are mini iron chandeliers and smaller chandeliers available as well.
As mentioned above, there are hundreds of iron chandeliers in several sizes and styles. This is definitely an advantage decorators and homeowners feel in their wallets. With such a wide variety of styles and sizes, there is a wide price range which can certainly accommodate any budget. Iron chandeliers are definitely affordable options for decorators seeking more “bang” for their buck.

Creating a new antique or modern look in a space with an iron chandelier just became a bit easier. With the ease of upkeep, assortment of styles, both coupled with a reasonable price tag… How could one resist! Check out these awesome iron chandeliers below!

Alhambra Collection Round Island Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

Country French Wrought Iron Tole Chandelier With Shades

Hot Lighting Fixture! Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier

January 07, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier

Chandeliers are a wonderful accessory to add to any home. They are known for enhacing the style and class of dining rooms and foyers. Glass chandeliers are very popular in the world of chandelier lighting. A black chandelier is both elegant and stylish. Incorporating a black glass chandelier in a dining room space will instantly transform any space.

This black glass chandelier is a mini chandelier and features hanging beads. The retailer describes this Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier as follows:

Light up your life with this beautiful masterpiece. Our Black Mini Chandelier is made from elegant black crystal. It has black beading covering the frame as well as hanging glass teardrop accents. This home accent will look great in your foyer, dining room, powder room or any other space you think up. This functional work of art is sure to be a hit in any home!

Product Review: Sea Gull Lighting 31051-962 Canterbury Five Light Chandelier

January 05, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

One of the most popular forms of dining room lighting is chandelier lighting. Taking it a step further, 5 light chandelier is a perfect accessory for any dining room or any other lavishly decorated space. Although at the first glance, this fixture appears to be very simple, this five light chandelier can instantly enhance the style of any space.

Sea Gull Lighting has been bringing American stylish and quality light fixtures since 1919. Seagull is know for providing quality, yet stylish products. The culture of Sea Gull Lighting encourages quality products and customer satisfaction by making employees accountable for customer satisfation. Imagine the service you will receive from a company where each and every emploee is focused on providing superior service and procuts.

The 31051-962 Canterbury Five Light Chandelier is beautiful yet classic light fixture made of brushed nickel and satin etched glass. Many customers boast on the visual appeal of the chandelier. The chandelier is light weight, provides bright and functional light as well as enhances your decor.

Read more customer reviews for the 31051-962 Canterbury Five Light Chandelier and save with FREE shipping today!