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Lighting Design and Cathedral Ceilings: 3 Options for Lighting That Work

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Cathedral Ceilings and Effective Lighting Design: 3 Tips for Perfect Lighting

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Cathedral ceilings are beautiful, high and open ceilings. They are usually found in the master bedroom or living room. While cathedral ceilings are beautiful, they can also be problematic when selecting lighting. Not only will it be difficult to change light bulbs of your light fixtures, but it may be difficult to illuminate the space if the appropriate light fixture is not selected. Some lighting options that work best with this style of home are: skylights, spotlights and track lighting.

Most homes that have cathedral ceilings also have skylights. A Skylight, a window that is placed in the roof, provides additional natural light to a space. Vaulted ceilings often make a room seem deeper and darker and the skylights can help add more natural light to any other light fixtures used. Research has shown that skylights allow 30 percent more lights to pass through than standard windows. An added benefit can be found in vented skylights. Not only do vented skylights allow you to view the beauty of nature, but they also improve ventilation by releasing hot air and odors. In the past, homeowners shied away from skylights because of the damage associated with possible leaks, but modern skylights are built to withstand leaks.

If you are decorating in a modern style or would like to place emphasis on a certain area in a room, spotlights are also an option. Most often when paired with cathedral ceilings, the spotlights are often facing upward. While spotlights are wonderful if the plan is to highlight one area, often other areas are left in the dark. Spotlights also do not compliment all styles of home décor.

Track lighting, one of the more popular styles of interior lighting, works well with cathedral ceilings. A track lighting fixture features many individual light sockets that can be positioned to illuminate several different areas of a room. This is perfect for cathedral ceilings because the rooms are usually really large and hollow. Track lighting very versatile as it can be used for task lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting. Just by installing a track light fixture you can enhance the beauty of not only your cathedral ceilings but the entire room.

Cathedral ceilings are a beautiful feature in any home. Although they are beautiful, they also require careful planning when selecting lighting. Track lighting, spotlights and skylights are three options to jump start your lighting design project.

Pendant Light Fixture:Refraction – 1 Light Mini Pendant Lighting Fixture

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More Details on the Refraction – Mini Pendant Fixture Here

Individuality is what defines this exquisite line of hand-blown glass. This ancient technique of fine craftsmanship ensures that quality and originality is at the heart of every piece. Each piece is meticulously hand blown with up to three layers of uncompromising beauty and style. This art is performed only by skilled craftsmen who uphold the highest standards to ensure a unique identity throughout each layer. This special technique of layering allows the light to spread evenly across the glass resulting in a warm glow over the entire surface. The Refraction Collection offers a choice of four colors, allowing these Italian inspired works of art to be adaptable to any decor. This contemporary family includes chandelier lighting, wall sconce lighting, bathroom vanity lighting, mini pendant lighting, kitchen island pendant lighting, multi-pendant lighting and track lighting. These fixtures come standard in a Brushed Nickel finish but are available in a Dark Rust Bronze finish for an additional charge. Click the related items link below to see all matching lighting for this family. DUE TO THE NATURE OF HAND BLOWN GLASS, EACH PIECE IS UNIQUE IN DESIGN AND WILL NOT MATCH EXACTLY.

Effective Interior Lighting For Any Basement

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Basement Lighting Design: 3 Types of Interior Lighting Perfect for the Basement

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Basements are known for being large and dark. Both of these features can be a nightmare when creating your lighting design. Once it has been determined how the basement will be used in the home, it will be easier to develop a plan for adequate lighting. The layout of the basement usually limits the amount of natural light used in basement lighting. The first step of basement lighting is carefully considering the layout of your basement.

Eight out of nine basements are underground. They are known for being the lowest room of the home. Basements are also usually used for shelter and storage. If your room is used for shelter or storage, lighting is not really important. However, there are times a basement can be used for entertainment or even to extend living quarters. If a basement will be a functional room, we will have to plan carefully to provide adequate lighting. Because the basement is usually completely or partially underground, most of the lighting will be provided by lighting fixtures. If you have a basement that is partially above ground and has windows, take advantage of the natural light from these windows by making sure they are not blocked by shrubs or bushes. While natural lighting is nice, most basements are illuminated by track lighting
, fluorescent lighting or use lighting with sensors.

Track lighting has become a very popular light fixture. Unlike many other light fixtures where there is one light position, track lights have a track device that features multiple light positions. As a result, track lighting can provide lighting in areas that may be problematic for a traditional ceiling or pendant light. With multiple light positions, the positions can be situated to light the same areas or multiple areas. Track lights are very similar to spotlights but are more attractive and more effective in a home setting. If track lighting does not agree with the style of décor or the look and feel desired, fluorescent lights are also an option.

While fluorescent lights are usually used in schools and offices, they can also work well in a basement. Fluorescent lights use electricity and vapor to produce light. This light fixture is becoming more and more popular because it is over 50 percent cheaper than traditional lighting. Fluorescent light bulbs also have a longer life span than standard bulbs and they do not give off heat. All of the factors above call for effective, functional and affordable basement lighting. However, what about lighting that is convenient? Perhaps a fluorescent light bulb can be used with sensors?

Outdoor motion light sensors are usually added to add a sense of security to homes. However, what if light sensors are used to enhance interior lighting? Basement motion light sensors could not only save you money but prove very helpful. If you are using the basement for storage, it would be very convenient to have the lights automatically switch on when you enter. Light sensors would also help conserve energy if the room is not in use. The only draw back to using sensors would be if there is little movement because you are relaxing and the lights shut off.
Whether you are using the basement for entertainment or storage, lighting will definitely be required in your basement. Once you have determined the use of the room, pay attention to the layout of your basement. In order to create an effective design for basement lighting, it is important to be aware of the type of light that your need and what you currently have from nature.

3 Ways to Use A Ceiling Fan in Your Home

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Westinghouse 78248 Turbo Swirl Ceiling Fan: $74.95
Ceiling fans have been around longer than electricity! Surprised? You should be. Invented in 1886, ceiling fans were powered by water in the pre electricity days. In 1882, the first motorized ceiling fan was invented. Originally ceiling fans only featured two blades; by World War I many ceiling fans had four blades. The two additional blades helped circulate more air.
The Many Uses of a Ceiling Fan
Many hear ceiling fan and think of a device used for cooling. While a ceiling fan does move air, it does not change the temperature of the air. A ceiling fan can create a breeze in an area by moving air but will not dramatically cool a space like an air conditioner would. However, for a warm, sweaty night, a ceiling fan can cool off a still room. Cooling a room at night with a ceiling fan versus an air conditioner saves on energy.
On the flip side, ceiling fans can also circulate heat in cooler months. During this time, the blades would be turned in the opposite direction. We have all heard the saying that heat rises, the fan will help distribute the warm air around the room.
In addition, ceiling fans are also an affordable way to upgrade your home décor. Usually priced around $100 – $300, ceiling fans are very easy to install and can usually be done without the help of a professional.
Ceiling fans are both functional and practical. Add a ceiling fan to your home or office today!

Chandelier VS Mini Chandelier

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Minka Lavery Lights Mini Chandelier: 03.00

Smaller chandeliers that are 12 inches in diameter or smaller are called Chandelettes. Chandelettes, or mini chandeliers, are made for smaller spaces that can not support larger chandeliers. Some prime spaces in which a mini chandelier can be used are: bathrooms, stairways or foyers. Chandelettes are so small; two chandelettes can be used in one area without overwhelming the décor of the space. Mini chandeliers are also available in an assortment of styles and colors.
Just as with any other chandelier, there are a few key areas of interest when planning to decorate with a mini chandelier. One of the more important areas is the ceiling height. If a mini chandelier is hung from a high or vaulted ceiling, the light fixture may not emit much light. If the mini chandelier is unable to light the space, it would no longer serve as functional lighting. Rooms with a ceiling that does not require a longer extension chain for a Chandelette would provide the best results.
Another area to consider is the size of the space. A Mini chandelier is less than a foot in diameter. It would not be practical to use this method of lighting to provide functional lighting for a large space. If you are lighting an area that has allot of traffic, it would not be wise to place a hanging chandelier. It would not be comfortable for the homeowner or guests to repeatedly bump heads against the chandelier in passing.
When selecting a mini chandelier for your home color will play a major role. It is important to consider the color and style of your décor when selecting a chandelier for your home. For example, if the space is painted white, you may want to select a fixture that is a contrasting color. Selecting a light fixture that is the same color as your walls may cause the chandelier to blend in with the walls. This may not be the best option if the goal is to enhance the décor of your space.
The décor style of your home will affect the style of your chandelette. If the home is decorated in modern home décor, a traditional crystal chandelier may not be the best option. Some commonly using styles of mini chandeliers are art deco, traditional, Victorian, mission, Asian and Early American.
Chandeliers and mini chandeliers are a wonderful additional to any home décor. They are available in an assortment of styles and colors available.

Modern Three-Light Drum Pendant with Beige Shade

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This modern pendant features sleek lines that are warmed up by the warm bronze finish. The beige colored shade helps to provide a touch of warmth while the bottom diffuser shields the bulbs from view to create a pleasant illumination. Includes three 12-inch and one 6-inch downrod that allows you to hang this pendant anywhere from 17-3/4-inches to a 47-3/4-inches. Takes three 100-watt medium base bulbs (not included).The drum shade measures 18-inches on the top and bottom by 7-inches in height.Please note that this pendant is shown with the light on. This shade will appear darker when fixture is off. Design Classics is an exclusive line of Destination Lighting. This product complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. DL # 322435.

Modern Three-Light Drum Pendant with Beige Shade from Destination Lighting : $149.95

Creative Lighting Option: Shabby Chic Chandelier

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Shabby Lighting Option: Shabby Chic Chandelier

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Decorating in shabby chic décor is often done to make a space more comfortable. If you are a fan of floral patterns and lace, shabby chic décor may be the perfect option for you.

When chandeliers are mentioned, many people envision a huge brass chandelier or a candle chandelier. However, in these days, chandeliers can be modern and contemporary to compliment any space.

Why not upgrade your space with a custom shabby chic chandelier? The chandelier can be customized to cater to the current décor of your space. When creating your own chandelier, your creativity can take over. Most decorators start at thrift stores and flea markets, searching for old chandeliers. These chandeliers can be restored with paint, lights, lace and fabric. If you chose to simply restore an old crystal chandelier, you could purchase new crystals from an antique shop. If you really want your personality to shine through, the original crystals can be replaces with other shiny objects such as rhinestones and pendants.

A shabby chic chandelier can be an affordable and creative interior ligting option. Check out the pictures below for inspiration!

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3 Table Lamps that Establish Mood in a Room!

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The lighting design of your room often does more than provide light in your room. Your lighting design can also create a certain mood or atmosphere for your space. When purchasing lamps and ceiling light fixtures, the intent is to provide functional light for your room, rarely do you consider the effect the selected fixtures work on your. Floor lamps and table lamps are light fixtures that help decorate your room while providing light. Floor lamps are also great sources of mood lighting or providing light or decorate around your personality.
Antique Brass Floor Lamp

Antique Lamps
When the term antique is added to the description of any item instantly adds class and elegance. The same applies for your home décor. Antique lamps create a classy and elegant flair in any room. If used in a living area or dining room, an antique lamp can also serve as a great conversation piece. While many lamp manufactures are working to create lamps in an antique style, it is not the same as scoring an original antique from an antique shop. However, if you would like to avoid the hunt, there are a variety of styles and models available to compliment many styles of home décor.
The key features of an antique lamp are:
• Stained-glass lampshade
• Brass finish
• Intricate designs
If you desire only original antique lamps, your price may be a bit higher than those that purchase a modern version. Some antique lamps, such as a French antique lamp, can cost as much as a few thousands of dollars. Another thing to consider when purchasing this form of lighting is the type of light emitted. Antique lamps are not designed to provide the same amount of light modern lights provide. If you decide to purchase a true modern lamp, it is likely that the lamp will deserve as a decorative lamp only.

Water Panel Floor Lamp

Creative and Unique Pieces
Floor lamps are available in an assortment of styles and materials. There are several lamps, namely modern floor lamps, which are made of unique materials to compliment your décor. Artistic or abstract floor lamps are usually used as decorative lighting and not functional.
Some floor lamps are fashioned with a specific art movement in mind, such as colorful Art Deco pieces. Artists may also hand craft their samples and hand paint customized detailing on the outside of the shade to add characteristic touches for home and/or office use.

Set the Mood
Creating the desired mood or atmosphere with floor lamps is very easy. With careful placement and design of your lamps, it is easy to cause your guests to focus on one area upon entering your room. This can be accomplished through the use of brightly colored lamp shades or a lamp that emits a soft tone of light.

Using Colored Bulbs and Lampshades
Many lamps come with a lampshade. Lampshades afford the versatility of changing the effect a lamp has on your room. Taking it a step further, who says that the bulb used to light your room has to be white? Light bulbs are available in an assortment of colors and wattages. Depending on the type of mood you would like to establish, experimenting with colored bulbs is a great place to start.

Floor lamps can be used to light a room or help boost the décor of your home. Step outside the box and consider lamps that are outside of your comfort zone. It is amazing the difference a lamp, lampshade and light bulb can cause!

Ceiling Light Fixtures and Energy Efficient Bulbs: Can they work well together?

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The ceiling light is one of the most popular forms of lighting fixtures on the market today. Ceiling lights are so popular because not only are they functional, but they can also very stylish. In addition to style and function, ceiling lights can also more energy efficient than many other forms of lighting fixtures. Up until now, many light fixtures relied on incandescent bulbs to light their homes. However, with new energy efficient light bulbs on the market, many are saying goodbye to incandescent light bulbs. An added advantage to energy efficient light bulbs is the price. This form of lighting is easy to replace because the price is so affordable.

If you desire bright and natural lighting, perhaps halogen lighting is the option for you. Most often halogen lighting is used to highlight a particular object or area in a room. While these light bulbs are slightly more expensive than other types of light bulbs, they also have a longer life span. A major factor to consider when using halogen light bulbs is the voltage. While lower voltage halogen bulbs are more affordable than high voltage bulbs, lower voltage bulbs require a transformer. If placed correctly, a single halogen light bulb can emit more light than several incandescent light bulbs.
Fluorescent lighting is most often used in areas that require light for extended areas or periods of time. Commonly fluorescent lighting is found in kitchens and living areas. Not only is the fluorescent light bulb more cost effective than the incandescent bulb, but it also has a longer life span. When comparing types of fluorescent lights, the conventional tube lights are the most affordable option. The compact fluorescent light is a bit more expensive than other fluorescent bulbs, but it can be used in sockets designed for incandescent bulbs. Compact bulbs are also available in an assortment of wattages and tones.
Today there are several options in both ceiling lighting and the bulbs used in them. If you would like energy efficient bulbs, there are several options available. Once you have determined the type of lighting needed, you can then determine which for of energy efficient lighting would work best.

Understanding Ceiling Light Fixtures and How to Use Them

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One of the most commonly used interior lighting fixtures is the ceiling light fixture. Ceiling light fixtures can be used for several forms of lighting in several décor styles. Whether you are seeking functional lighting or decorative lighting, there is a ceiling lighting fixture to meet your needs.

Crystal Mini-Pendant Chandelier

Before selecting your ceiling light, you would need to first determine how the light will be used. Ceiling light is a very popular form of lighting so your options are endless. Once you have determined if you are needing task lighting for a particular function or decorative lighting, you will be able to sort your search options.
The flash mount ceiling light is one of the most popular styles of ceiling fixtures. This option is ideal if your aim is providing light for a smaller space. While a flash mount light fixture may not work well for task lighting, it is a great form of basic lighting.
If you desire trendy or decorative yet functional ceiling light, perhaps a chandelier is a better option. While chandeliers are very beautiful and stylish, they also provide a large amount of light to a small or large space. Most commonly, chandeliers are used in living rooms and dining rooms. However, kitchen chandeliers and bathroom chandeliers are becoming more and more popular. Depending on your home décor style, you can choose from several styles of chandeliers. Some of the more popular types of chandeliers are glass chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, iron chandeliers and Tiffany styled chandeliers.
Another stylish and functional lighting option is pendant lighting. Pendant lights are hanging ceiling lights that are held in place by a cord or pole. They are different from chandeliers because they only feature one light. Pendant lighting can also be found in an assortment of colors and styles. While the lights themselves are alike, the shades are very different. Most commonly these lights are made in bright and bold colors and used in modern or contemporary home lighting.
We have only mentioned three styles of ceiling lighting fixtures, but there are countless other styles available. As you can image, the large selection of fixtures also comes with a very flexible pricing range. Depending on the type of lighting you select, you can spend as little as ten bucks on your new ceiling light fixture! What better time than now to start the quest for your new home lighting fixture?