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Give Your Home Curb Appeal with Exterior House Lighting

March 05, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Outdoor Lighting

Looking to add to your home’s curb appeal? Exterior house lighting can instantly add drama and style giving your home major curb appeal. As your curb appeal improves, watch the value of your home increase as well. Let’s take a look at some ways to effective use exterior house lighting to upgrade your home.

Exterior lighting creates shadows and highlight various areas outside your home. These lights can also improve the security of your home by discouraging intruders by creating a well lit property. Properly planned exterior lighting can also easily catch the eye of people passing by your home. This is definitely an advantage to homeowners looking to sale their home.

Outside Decorative Lighting
Inside the home, decorative lighting is used to emphasize painting, plants or other home accents. Decorative lighting used outside the home can be used to place emphasis on trees, lanscaping, the home itself or other aspects of your home

Exterior home lighting can serve multiple functions. Whether you are looking for an option to illuminate all of the areas surrounding your home or increase your home’s curb appeal, exterior house lighting is the way to go!

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Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting for Patios and Gardens

January 16, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Outdoor Lighting

The possibilities of choosing energy efficient outdoor lighting for patios and gardens have grown enormously in the past few years. There are many different energy options, lighting styles and decorating ideas available to turn your patio and/or garden area into an illuminated showcase of your own design. While electrical lights and fire lit torches are still available, the new green offerings come as solar powered, battery operated and LED. Each energy option has many styles and designs available. Transforming a patio or garden into a work of art is easily manageable with these new lights.

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Solar powered outdoor lighting is offered by various companies and in numerous styles. The traditional post lamps, pathway uplights and spotlights, swag lights and planter spotlights are all available as solar lighting. There are also solar string lights which can be placed along hand rails, posts or wherever you choose. They come in various colors, styles and some are available in faceted crystal for a dazzling affect. Some of the solar spotlights can illuminate with the appearance of fireflies dancing in various colors on a tree, waterfall or whatever you choose to focus it upon.
Candleholders, candelabras and sconces are no longer just for fire lit candles. Battery operated flameless outdoor candles offer efficient lighting and enhanced safety for your patio, porch or garden. The patio table can be lit with these candles or for more lighting, there are also battery powered umbrella lights. Not only can the umbrella lights offer more light for your table, but there are some which have a radio or CD player built into them to offer the perfect ambiance.
LED lighting has become another favorite for outdoors, with LED lanterns, swag lights and umbrella lights available in various styles and designs. Wall lights which appear to be traditional lights, mailbox lights and pathway/driveway lights are just a few of the current styles to choose from.
Garden torches have risen in popularity in recent years with their ability to light an area and to serve as insect repellent sources. It is now possible to use new green technology with garden torch lighting to still do both and not have an actual dangerous flame around children or guests. With solar power or battery power, garden torches can light a pathway, a patio or garden and emit insect repellent for those pesky mosquitoes or gnats in the evenings to provide for an enjoyable experience.
Electrical lighting options, flamed candles, chimineas and torches are still widely available for outdoor lighting. However, going green and becoming energy efficient is now easy and convenient as well as safer than some of the traditional lighting choices of the past. The newer energy efficient options for lighting up that special area outside in the evening gives one the ability to turn their patio or garden area into their personal showcased pavilion. Styles, designs and energy efficient outdoor lighting options make it possible to transform any outdoor area into one’s own personal work of art.