Control Your Light Bill with Light Dimmers

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A great option for conserving energy is installing light dimmers in your home.  Light dimmers offer many advantages to homeowners.  Some of the notable advantages are: lower electric bill, enhance the ambiance in a room and create a “look” or appeal in your space.

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There are four types of light dimmers used in residential lighting.  They are:

  • Integrated dimmers
  • Touch dimmers
  • Slide dimmers
  • Rotary dimmers

Each style offers a number of benefits to lighting any room of the home.


Integrated Light Dimmer

If you are easily amused by gadgets and automation, an integrated light dimmer may be the dimmer of choice.  With this style dimmer, different lighting profiles “levels” are programed or preset.  You then control the lighting in the room with a small gadget or wall panel.  Any previous settings can be restored with this method.

Touch Light Dimmer

I am sure we have all encountered a touch lamp.  Each time you touch the lamp, the lighting increases until it finally cuts off.  This is also how a touch dimmer would function for overhead lighting.  However, in place of touching the fixture, you would touch the power/adjust button.  This style dimmer is pretty close to an integrated dimmer in function.

Slide Light Dimmer

As the name implies, this style dimmer features a sliding button that controls the amount of light in a room.  This is a very simple and effective option.  There are some sliding light dimmers that have the ability to recall prior light settings.

Rotary Light Dimmer

A rotary light simmer combines features of touch and slide dimmers.  When the rotary dial on this dimmer controls the power and the amount of light released from the light fixture.  With this light fixture, pushing or tapping the fixture will power off or on the light.  In order to dim the lights with this style, simple turn the dial.  Again, a simple and effective option for controlling the amount of light released in a room.

We could go on about the many benefits of light dimmers.  However, the savings in utility costs alone make for a great argument.  What do you think is the best feature of light dimmers?


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