Creating a Kitchen Lighting Plan

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One of the most difficult tasks in home renovation projects is creating a lighting plan. Creating a kitchen lighting plan is especially difficult because of the several different factors involved. We have composed a quick guide to assist with creating an effective lighting plan for your kitchen.
kitchen lighting plan

Placement of Kitchen Lighting

Before you can properly create a lighting plan, you have to determine your needs.  In order to provide adequate lighting in your kitchen, before taking any steps, access your kitchen.  Consider the tasks you will complete in your kitchen and the areas within your kitchen that will be utilized the most.  For instance, if your meals are prepared on your kitchen island, include lighting in this area that provides task lighting.  While this is not the only lighting to be included in your lighting plan, it is definitely an important piece of the lighting plan

Shopping for Kitchen Light Fixtures

Once you have accessed your space, you will have a much better idea of the type of light fixtures you need.  This will make shopping for light fixtures alot easier and less stressful.  If shopping for under cabinet lighting, it is difficult to find the perfect fixtures among flush mount light fixtures.  Create a list of your needs before heading out.  This will create an organized and less stressful shopping experience.

Layers of Light for Kitchens

When creating a lighting plan for any room, it is unlikely that only one form of lighting will be used.  An effective lighting plan inclides several types of lighting.  General lighting, usually provided by overhead light fixtures, are usually found in every room.  This type of lighting provides the general light that lights the room.  In a room that requires attention to detail, such as a kitchen, task lighting will also be important.  Task lighting, which can be provided by pendant light fixture, is usually found over the stove, sink and kitchen island.  Some kitchens also feature decorative lighting which places emphasis on special aspects in the kitchen.  Undercabinet or cabinet lighting are both great examples of decorative lighting in lighting plan

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