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There are few things you can do in the home to improve look that are as simple and as efficient as changing the kind of lights you use. A change for example from standard incandescent bulbs to halogen spotlights or large pendant lights with subtle, low energy bulbs can drastically change the mood of a room and bring out the best in your internal decor.

How To Use Spotlights

Spotlights are great for highlighting certain areas in the room and make great lights to use for bathrooms. A well done spotlight setup in a bathroom can flood the room with light and can make a previously dull room sparkle, the same goes for bedrooms where using directional spotlights you can highlight different areas in the room and really bring out the best of your room decor.

Recessed ceiling spotlights are great for large or small areas to flood a room with light – this also gives the neatest installation and leaves an uncluttered look.

Using Large Pendant Lights

pendant light fixtureLarge pendant lights can be used in larger rooms and are great in kitchens. Lights are available in a variety of colours and materials which blend in with kitchen worktops, cupboards etc and as these sorts of lights give a natural flood of light to certain areas positioning is important. Of course you can always combine the aesthetic effects of using pendant lighting with more directional, sharper light you get from spotlights if you want for example to provide more light around kitchen worktops.


Uplighters are again a great type of lighting to use in more relaxing rooms in the house. These work great in bedrooms and in the lounge, providing subtle, gentle light in a corner of a room.

Floor recessed uplighters also look great in a kitchen floor, but watch out for the strength of bulb you use – LED’s are a great choice here as they provide great light and if installed properly will provide years of light for your kitchen.

LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is becoming very popular for the home. These types of bulbs last much longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs and are pretty low voltage, making these bulbs a real energy saver. This is probably the best choice for a homeowner who is environmentally conscious, as other types of low voltage energy saver bulbs have been criticized for providing low light, making a room dull.

LED bulbs are now available for a variety of light fittings, meaning that you can re-use your old pendant lights and uplighters and just replace the bulbs.

Low Energy Lighting

In the UK incandescent bulbs are now a real no-no. Since the UK government banned the manufacture or import of these bulbs there’s been a real scramble to find replacements. Low energy bulbs provide a direct replacement for these types of bulbs, but as said above the light these bulbs produce is nowhere near as bright as a normal 60W incandescent bulb. If you’re planning to go down the low energy lighting route then you’re going to have to install more light fittings or utilise low energy LED bulbs.

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