Dining Room Lighting Ideas

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Dining room lighting should capture the beauty of the room and provide adequate lighting for dining, homework and other tasks.  As you begin gathering ideas for dining room lighting design, consider the placement of furniture and the intended use of the dining room. Chandelier lighting and recessed lighting are commonly used to illuminate dining rooms.

Chandeliers in Dining Rooms

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Chandeliers are very popular dining room light fixtures. Chandeliers are considered classic and very stylish.  The dining room table is usually the focal point of a home’s dining room.  The table is usually large and placed in the center of the room.  This is great placement when considering the lighting plan.  The chandelier is placed over the dining room table. When hanging a chandelier over a dining room table, the chandelier should be placed 30-32 inches above the dining room table.

Recessed Lighting in Dining Rooms

Recessed lighting dining room

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Recessed lighting is commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms.  This form of lighting works well if layering different types of light.  Many dining rooms that feature chandeliers also feature recessed lighting.  While chandelier lighting is beautiful, it is rarely sufficient for lighting the entire dining room.  Recessed lighting is commonly used with chandelier lighting in dining room lighting design.

Other Lighting Ideas for Dining Rooms

There are several light fixtures ideal for lighting dining rooms.  If a chandelier is not in line with your current style of décor, consider pendant light fixtures, floor lamps or track lighting.  Each of these fixtures could provide adequate dining room light if placed properly.  If your dining room has windows, make the best of natural lighting.  Consider window treatments that are transparent or allow a great amount of light to pass through.

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