Dramatic Lighting with Wall Wash Lighting

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A popular used of recessed lighting is wall washing. Wall wash lighting simply floods a wall with a large amount of light.  This style of decorative lighting is often used in hotels and art galleries.  However, if you are looking for statement lighting for your home, consider using recessed lighting to create your own wall wash lighting.

Wall wash lighting

First Things First: Light Fixtures for Wall Washing

Wall washing cannot be achieved with all types of light fixtures.  Recessed light fixtures are commonly used for this style of lighting.  When placing these fixtures for this style of lighting, the fixtures should be close to the wall.  Unlike general lighting which focuses attention on the center of the room for even lighting, this style focuses on the outer walls of the room.  This creates a very dramatic effect especially if these fixtures will also serve as the main lighting of the space.

When placing recessed light fixtures for wall washing, remember the following:

  • Closer spacing will result in higher light levels
  • Mounting and spacing distance should be 2 -3 feet  for ceilings up to nine feet
  • Wall washing is different from wall grazing as the later creates more shadows.

Here are some great examples of wall wash lighting in modern homes:

wall wash lighting


wall wash lighting


wall wash lighting


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