Elegant Wall Sconce Lighting

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elegant wall sconce light fixture
One of the first styles of light fixtures was wall mounted lighting. Over the years, wall mounted latterns have evolved into wall sconces. Wall sconces are great for lighting hallways or dark corners of rooms. These fixtures are not ideal for lighting an entire room.

Wall sconces are commonly seen in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. These fixtures are a great option for adding accent lighting or enhancing your current plan for general lighting. If you are looking for versatility, consider adding dimmers to your wall sconces which would allow different amounts of light to be released based on your need.

wall sconce light fixture
If you are looking to add a little glamour to your home, consider a crystal wall sconce. While these fixtures are functional, crystal wall sconces are very stylish and instantly add style and glamour to any space.


Many of the Bijou light fixtures, found at, come complete with light bulbs. This makes for easy installation. Check out these super stylish and elegant crystal wall sconces.

3 Light Wall Sconce Light Fixture

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