Foyer Lighting Design: 2 Factors to Consider

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The foyer of the home is usually the entrance used by guests.  Creating a welcoming and stylish foyer is not a difficult task.  Along with various home accents and furniture, foyer lighting can greatly impact the overall tone of your space. 

Most sizable foyers are illuminated with multiple layers of light.  If a home has a sizeable foyer, there are likely several windows at the entrance of the home.  One popular light fixture used in sizable foyers is the chandelier.  There are large elaborate chandeliers and modern chandeliers to accommodate several styles of home décor.  Another light fixture commonly found in foyers is the semi flush fixture.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Foyer Light Fixture

There are two important factors to consider when shopping for a foyer light fixture.  When shopping for your light fixture, consider the size of your space and the amount of natural light in your space.

Correct Size

Placing a large chandelier in small foyer will not be very appealing.  Although the chandelier itself is a beautiful fixture, placing it in a space far too small will take away from the beauty of the fixture. The first step in shopping for light fixtures, gather the measurements of your foyer.  Carefully compare the diameter of your light fixture and the dimensions of your foyer. 

Amount of Light

If the foyer of your home has a nice amount of natural light from windows, your lighting design plan will not require as much lighting from light fixtures.  Not all light fixtures offer the same amount of light.  When selecting a light fixture, consider the amount of natural light in your foyer.  This will help avoid too much or insufficient lighting in your foyer.

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