How to Incorporate Accent Lighting in Any Room

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Accent lighting is often used to highlight spaces or items in a room. It is often used with other types of lighting to complete the lighting plan.  Selecting a light fixture to provide accent lighting can be challenging.  We have identified an example of ways to use accent lighting in various rooms in the house.

dining room accent lighting

Accent lighting is lighting that is used to create a focal point in a room.  It is usually used to highlight the architectural features, wall art or furniture.  This style of lighting places concentrated light on the area or item in a specified area. If seeking a dramatic look, accent light fixtures should produce at least three times more lighting than the general lighting in the room.


Accent Lighting in Kitchens

accent lighting kitchen

There are many ways to incorporate accent lighting in a kitchen lighting plan.  Two of the more popular uses of accent lighting in kitchens are under cabinet lighting and cabinet lighting.  Under cabinet lighting are great for providing both accent lighting and task lighting.  These lights are hidden under the cabinets illuminating the kitchen countertops and backsplash.  However, cabinet lights are placed inside cabinets.  Usually, these cabinets are door less or have glass doors.  When combined with contrasting or colorful dishes.

Accent Lighting in Living Rooms

accent lighting living room

Of all of the rooms in a home, accent lighting is used most often in the living room.  The living room is usually used for entertaining and contains many decorative accessories.  Accent lighting is often used to create a focal point or enhance the appearance of the living room.  For example, emphasis could be placed on a tile covered fireplace by placing accent lighting strategically around this area.

Accent Lighting in Bathrooms

accent lighting in bathroom

While accent lighting is not a common thread in bathroom lighting plans, there are options for adding this style of lighting.  As with other rooms, we often place decorative items in bathrooms to enhance the overall décor.  Two options for bathroom accent lighting is over a piece of wall art or to place emphasis on architecture, such as a custom shower stall.  Many bathrooms are usually smaller spaces and do not leave much room for “extras”.


Accent lighting is a great enhancement for any lighting plan.  As you can see, there is an option for incorporating this style in just about any room of the home.  What is the most creative use of accent lighting in a home you have experienced?

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