Kitchen Lighting Design: Layering Task and Ambient Lighting

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Kitchen Lighting Design

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Kitchens are no longer reserved for cooking and washing dishes. Modern homes feature floor plans that encourage entertaining in the kitchen. As a result, the fundamentals of kitchen lighting design have also evolved. Task lighting has been the main type of lighting used in kitchens. Kitchens are for chopping, cooking and cleaning. All of these tasks require proper illumination to be executed properly. Combining task lighting and ambient lighting make for a great base or starting point for a kitchen lighting plan.

Task Lighting in Kitchens
One thing is for sure, no matter the size, at some point, every kitchen will be used to prepare a meal or clean a dish. From microwave dinners to large gourmet meals, cooking takes place in virtually every kitchen. This is why task lighting is so important when creating kitchen lighting design. A beautiful kitchen with poor illumination would not serve its purpose if there is not enough light to prepare a meal. Some great ideas for placing task lighting in your kitchen lighting plan are: over cabinets, over your kitchen island and within your pantry. Some great options for task lighting fixtures are: pendant light fixtures and flush mount ceiling light fixtures.
Ambient Lighting in Kitchens
Ambient lighting is used to enhance the mood or ambiance in a room. You may wonder why there is a need to set the “mood” in your kitchen. Well, as we mentioned earlier, modern floor plans are designing kitchens to encourage space for entertaining guests. If you are creating a lighting plan for a home with one of these floor plan’s ambient lighting is great for creating a warm and inviting illusion for your guests. Some popular light fixtures to use for ambient lighting are: flush mount light fixtures, pendant light fixtures and adjustable track lighting.

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  1. Great advice, they say that lighting is the Jewelry of a building as it is the lighting that really finished the the design off.

    However it is something which is often forgotten about or just an afterthought.

    Thanks for this article, I have seen something similar on this site which covers other areas in the home, you may find it useful.


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