Lighting and Contemporary Lighting: Is there a difference?

June 16, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Kitchen Lighting

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When shopping for a light fixture for the kitchen, many are not considering the design of their homes decor. Perhaps the buyer may consider matching the color, but that is about as far as many will reach.

We found the following exert from Contemporary Interior Designs very helpful. Check it out:
Modern lighting is generally characterized by clean, simple; however, it may also contain elements of elaborate scrollwork. Contemporary kitchen lighting fixtures may be constructed from iron, bronze, or brass. Generally, modern kitchen lighting does not have colored class in its elements. Because it is used primarily to enhance the brightness of a room, kitchen fixtures that have glass elements tend to be luminescent in their shades’ coverings. The homeowner’s personal tastes and the overall décor of the room will determine the appropriate type of lighting fixtures for a kitchen.

Very interesting right?
If you would like to read more, visit Contemporary Interior Designs for a wealth of information concerning contemporary style home decor.

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