Lighting Design and Cathedral Ceilings: 3 Options for Lighting That Work

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Cathedral Ceilings and Effective Lighting Design: 3 Tips for Perfect Lighting

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Cathedral ceilings are beautiful, high and open ceilings. They are usually found in the master bedroom or living room. While cathedral ceilings are beautiful, they can also be problematic when selecting lighting. Not only will it be difficult to change light bulbs of your light fixtures, but it may be difficult to illuminate the space if the appropriate light fixture is not selected. Some lighting options that work best with this style of home are: skylights, spotlights and track lighting.

Most homes that have cathedral ceilings also have skylights. A Skylight, a window that is placed in the roof, provides additional natural light to a space. Vaulted ceilings often make a room seem deeper and darker and the skylights can help add more natural light to any other light fixtures used. Research has shown that skylights allow 30 percent more lights to pass through than standard windows. An added benefit can be found in vented skylights. Not only do vented skylights allow you to view the beauty of nature, but they also improve ventilation by releasing hot air and odors. In the past, homeowners shied away from skylights because of the damage associated with possible leaks, but modern skylights are built to withstand leaks.

If you are decorating in a modern style or would like to place emphasis on a certain area in a room, spotlights are also an option. Most often when paired with cathedral ceilings, the spotlights are often facing upward. While spotlights are wonderful if the plan is to highlight one area, often other areas are left in the dark. Spotlights also do not compliment all styles of home d├ęcor.

Track lighting, one of the more popular styles of interior lighting, works well with cathedral ceilings. A track lighting fixture features many individual light sockets that can be positioned to illuminate several different areas of a room. This is perfect for cathedral ceilings because the rooms are usually really large and hollow. Track lighting very versatile as it can be used for task lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting. Just by installing a track light fixture you can enhance the beauty of not only your cathedral ceilings but the entire room.

Cathedral ceilings are a beautiful feature in any home. Although they are beautiful, they also require careful planning when selecting lighting. Track lighting, spotlights and skylights are three options to jump start your lighting design project.

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