Living Room Lighting Planning: 3 Commonly Used Layers of Light Commonly Used

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When creating a lighting plan for a living room it is critical to consider the various activities that will occur in the space.  More often, the living room of a home is used to entertain guest, watch movies, and menial tasks such as reading.  Considering the intended use of the living room, most living rooms require several types of lighting in the overall living room lighting plan.  Let’s review common types of lighting used in living rooms:

General Lighting

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Of all of the types of lighting, general lighting is the one type of lighting that is almost a requirement in living room lighting design.  General lighting illuminates the room for day to day activities such as entertaining guests or enjoying a family movie.  Commonly, general lighting is provided by a ceiling light fixtures or lamps.

Task Lighting

Task lighting in living room

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Task lighting is used to provide light in a specific space or area within a room.  This form is used to complete tasks that require attention to detail such as reading, completing homework or working on various crafts.  While this form of lighting provides efficient lighting for a specified area, it is usually not sufficient lighting for an entire room.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting

If there is a desire to place attention on decorative wall art, a mirror, or other plant, accent lighting is included in the lighting design.  Accent lighting either shines from above or below a specified area placing an emphasis on a particular object.  A light fixture often used to accent various pieces of home décor is recessed light fixture.

When creating a lighting plan for your living room, carefully access your space and the intended use.  Next, take a look at the many layers of light used in residential lighting plan and determine which best suit your needs.  We hope we have provided a clear illustration on how various types of lighting are incorporated into living room lighting planning.

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