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New Classics: Ingo Maurer’s Amazing Light Fixtures (9 photos)

July 25, 2012 By: Category: Light Fixtures

It’s hard to pinpoint a signature style for the lights designed by Ingo Maurer. There are whimsical lights composed of birds with lightbulb bodies and minimalist, ethereal lights made of Japanese paper; the style runs the gamut. One thing all the products have in common is thoughtful, good design. Ingo…


3 Bathroom Lighting Fixtures for Contemporary Bathrooms

July 15, 2012 By: Category: Bathroom Lighting

When selecting bathroom lighting fixtures for your bathroom, it is important to consider a few factors.  If you are decorating a modern or contemporary bathroom, a traditional light fixture will not mesh well with the decor of the space.  Check out these 3 contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures:

Mia ADA Compliant Bath Light
bathroom vanity lighting













George Kovacs BATH BAR

bath bar















:USE Form One Lighting Triple Sconce, Polished Chrome

Finding the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

July 12, 2012 By: Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

dining room chandelier

If you are shopping for a light fixture that provides illumination and style, a dining room chandelier is the perfect lighting options.  Stylish and effective, a dining room chandelier instantly enhances the ambiance in your dining room.  Shopping for a chandelier for your dining room is not difficult when you consider the following tips:

Size Matters

As with any other light fixture, size is a huge factor when shopping for a chandelier for your dining room. It is important to make sure the chandelier is in proportion to your dining room table and the space in the dining room.  Per, a dining room chandelier should be about a foot less than the width of your dining room table.


Along with size, it is important that a chandelier properly lights your space.  Make sure to consider the area and type of lighting desired when shopping for a chandelier.  Make sure to consider they type of bulbs used in the chandelier.  This could be a maintenance issue if the chandelier required bulbs that are unique or inexpensive.

Style and Decor

Remember to consider the decor of your home when selecting a chandelier.  If you have a contemporary dining room table, a victorian or vintage chandelier will not be the best light fixture for your space.  There are chandeliers available in a number of styles, sizes and colors.  Consider your style of decor when selecting your dining room chandelier.

Finding Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions for Your Home

May 29, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

One of the hottest trends today is green living.  Consumers are looking for ways to conserve energy and natural resources.  If you have visited a home improvement store, it is likely you have seen promotions for energy efficient lighting solutions.   Energy efficient lighting benefits consumers in three ways: helps the environment, saves money on electric bills and can result in tax savings. LED lights are one form of energy efficient lighting that are becoming very popular.  Let’s explore the world of energy efficient lighting options.

LED kitchen lightingWe are all familiar with the traditional incandescent light bulb. These bulbs are filled with a gas and then a filament is stretched across the inside. When electricity is run across the filament, it heats up to often very high temperatures. The bulb’s glow is a result of the filament heating up. The heat is a result of wasted energy. Incandescent bulbs also suffer from inherent fragility. These lights weaken over time as the heat separates atoms from the whole and causes thin spots in the filament. Eventually these thin spots will break and you will need to replace the bulb. Read the rest of this entry →

Eye Catching Kitchen Lighting Ideas

May 08, 2012 By: Category: Kitchen Lighting

Creating a focal point in the kitchen requires planning and creativity. There are not usually any larger items, such as beds or sofas, used when decorating or designing a kitchen. A great option to capture the attention of a guest entering the kitchen is unexpected or unique lighting. We have pulled together a few unexpected kitchen lighting ideas to jump start your creative juices:

Fabric Covered Light Fixtures:
fabric covered drum pendantFabric covered light fixtures add a creative touch to kitchen lighting plans. One of the more commonly used fabric light fixtures if the drum pendant light. These fixtures consist of a large fabric covered shade and a simple light kit. This form of light fixture can also be very inexpensive. The drum pendant light can be created as an intermediate level DIY project.

The singular chandelier:

There are many chandelier styles available to suit a number of rooms/uses. A singular chandelier is a single tier chandelier that can be used to define space within the kitchen.
This style chandelier is functional and stylish when placed properly. In most cases, a singular chandelier works best over the kitchen island or kitchen dining room table. Read the rest of this entry →

Control Your Light Bill with Light Dimmers

April 10, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

A great option for conserving energy is installing light dimmers in your home.  Light dimmers offer many advantages to homeowners.  Some of the notable advantages are: lower electric bill, enhance the ambiance in a room and create a “look” or appeal in your space.

light dimmer

There are four types of light dimmers used in residential lighting.  They are:

  • Integrated dimmers
  • Touch dimmers
  • Slide dimmers
  • Rotary dimmers

Each style offers a number of benefits to lighting any room of the home.


Integrated Light Dimmer

If you are easily amused by gadgets and automation, an integrated light dimmer may be the dimmer of choice.  With this style dimmer, different lighting profiles “levels” are programed or preset.  You then control the lighting in the room with a small gadget or wall panel.  Any previous settings can be restored with this method. Read the rest of this entry →

Dramatic Lighting with Wall Wash Lighting

April 09, 2012 By: Category: Light Fixtures, Wall Lighting

A popular used of recessed lighting is wall washing. Wall wash lighting simply floods a wall with a large amount of light.  This style of decorative lighting is often used in hotels and art galleries.  However, if you are looking for statement lighting for your home, consider using recessed lighting to create your own wall wash lighting.

Wall wash lighting

First Things First: Light Fixtures for Wall Washing

Wall washing cannot be achieved with all types of light fixtures.  Recessed light fixtures are commonly used for this style of lighting.  When placing these fixtures for this style of lighting, the fixtures should be close to the wall.  Unlike general lighting which focuses attention on the center of the room for even lighting, this style focuses on the outer walls of the room.  This creates a very dramatic effect especially if these fixtures will also serve as the main lighting of the space. Read the rest of this entry →

How to Incorporate Accent Lighting in Any Room

April 07, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Accent lighting is often used to highlight spaces or items in a room. It is often used with other types of lighting to complete the lighting plan.  Selecting a light fixture to provide accent lighting can be challenging.  We have identified an example of ways to use accent lighting in various rooms in the house.

dining room accent lighting

Accent lighting is lighting that is used to create a focal point in a room.  It is usually used to highlight the architectural features, wall art or furniture.  This style of lighting places concentrated light on the area or item in a specified area. If seeking a dramatic look, accent light fixtures should produce at least three times more lighting than the general lighting in the room.


Accent Lighting in Kitchens

accent lighting kitchen

There are many ways to incorporate accent lighting in a kitchen lighting plan.  Two of the more popular uses of accent lighting in kitchens are under cabinet lighting and cabinet lighting.  Under cabinet lighting are great for providing both accent lighting and task lighting.  These lights are hidden under the cabinets illuminating the kitchen countertops and backsplash.  However, cabinet lights are placed inside cabinets.  Usually, these cabinets are door less or have glass doors.  When combined with contrasting or colorful dishes. Read the rest of this entry →

Recessed Lighting:A Versatile Home Lighting Option

April 06, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Recessed lighting is a very popular form of home lighting. There are several ways to incorporate this style of lighting in your home. Recessed lighting is ideal for use in many rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Before deciding on a style of lighting, it is best to understand the type of lighting needed in a room. Let’s review some of the types of lighting provided by a recessed light fixture.




General Lighting

general lighting recessed lighting

Whether lighting a bedroom or a laundry room, almost every room will require general lighting. This is the overall illumination in the space. This light should allow visibility when in the space during the evening or nights. General lighting may not provide enough light for special tasks such as grooming or preparing food. This type of lighting usually serves as the base of the lighting plan for any space in the home. Recessed light fixtures are great sources of general lighting. When placing the fixtures in the room, it is important to space them in a manner that provides even lighting throughout the room. Read the rest of this entry →

Understanding Pendant Lighting

April 03, 2012 By: Category: Light Fixtures

pendant lightingOne of our favorite sites,, features a “Pendant Lighting 101” article on their site. The article is all about pendant lighting and how to effectively use lighting in your home.  Check out our brief summary of the article below:

Pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling provided lighting in many rooms of the home.  These type fixtures are very verstile and work very well in several styles of home decor.  While pendant light fixtures are great for providing task lighting, these fixtures also enhance the overall decor of the room. Read the rest of this entry →