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Novelty Lamps for Boys Bedrooms

February 16, 2012 By: Category: Bedroom Lighting

Add character and style to your little boy’s bedroom with a novelty table lamp.  Many of these lamps for boys bedrooms are super cheap and also very cute.  There are sports themed lamps, character themed lamps or even lamps that feature bold or bright colors.  Check out these lamps perfect for little boy’s bedrooms all under $50!Cheap lamps for boys

More information on the Children’s Wooden Train Table Lamp

More information on theFootBall Contempory Table Lamp by Acme Furniture

More information on theElectric Guitar Lamp RED with Red Trimmed Shade

More information on theSUPER SPORTS – Lamp w/Shade

Wall Mount Light Fixtures

February 15, 2012 By: Category: Wall Lighting

Wall-mounted light fixtures are ideal for providing an additional layer of light in several rooms. Wall-mounted fixtures are usually selected to provide general, task and accent lighting. These light fixtures are typically used to compliment other light fixtures such as a chandelier or overhead ceiling fixture. Wall sconces, or wall- mounted fixtures are great sources of lighting for bathrooms and outdoor residential lighting.
Wall Mount Light Fixtures:
Wall mounted light fixtures are mostly commonly used in the bathroom. The following tips concerning placement of wall mounted lighting in bathroom helps achieve proper illumination.
Bathroom Placement:
If the wall mounted fixture is for a bathroom, they are usually placed over or around the bathroom vanity. For the best results, the fixture should be centered if placed above the mirror. If the fixture is used on the sides of the mirror, they should be 65-70 inches from the floor and placed no more than 30 inches apart.

Wall sconces bedroom

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Bathroom lighting

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Wall sconce bedroom lighting

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Kitchen Lighting Design: Layering Task and Ambient Lighting

February 14, 2012 By: Category: Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Design

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Kitchens are no longer reserved for cooking and washing dishes. Modern homes feature floor plans that encourage entertaining in the kitchen. As a result, the fundamentals of kitchen lighting design have also evolved. Task lighting has been the main type of lighting used in kitchens. Kitchens are for chopping, cooking and cleaning. All of these tasks require proper illumination to be executed properly. Combining task lighting and ambient lighting make for a great base or starting point for a kitchen lighting plan.

Task Lighting in Kitchens
One thing is for sure, no matter the size, at some point, every kitchen will be used to prepare a meal or clean a dish. From microwave dinners to large gourmet meals, cooking takes place in virtually every kitchen. This is why task lighting is so important when creating kitchen lighting design. A beautiful kitchen with poor illumination would not serve its purpose if there is not enough light to prepare a meal. Some great ideas for placing task lighting in your kitchen lighting plan are: over cabinets, over your kitchen island and within your pantry. Some great options for task lighting fixtures are: pendant light fixtures and flush mount ceiling light fixtures.
Ambient Lighting in Kitchens
Ambient lighting is used to enhance the mood or ambiance in a room. You may wonder why there is a need to set the “mood” in your kitchen. Well, as we mentioned earlier, modern floor plans are designing kitchens to encourage space for entertaining guests. If you are creating a lighting plan for a home with one of these floor plan’s ambient lighting is great for creating a warm and inviting illusion for your guests. Some popular light fixtures to use for ambient lighting are: flush mount light fixtures, pendant light fixtures and adjustable track lighting.

Three Cheap Lamps for Girl’s Bedrooms

February 06, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

If your budget for lighting for your daughter’s bedroom is small, don’t worry. There are tons of lamps in several styles, sizes and colors that agree with any budget. Check out these lamps perfect for a girls bedroom and all under $30!
1. Desk Lamp with Pink Shade

This simple pink lamp is works great for functional lighting in a girls bedroom.  This lamp can be placed on top of a desk or bedside table.

 Girls Table or Desk Lamp: $27.80

2. purple pleated shade lamp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here is another desk or bedside lamp in purple. The pleated shade adds a feminie touch perfect for a girl’s bedroom.
Girls Table or Desk Lamp: $25.00

3. Princess cube lamp This stylish cube lamp is perfect for a teenagers bedroom. Ideal placement would be on a desk for homework or reading or bedside table.
Hot Pink PRINCESS Spinning Cube Lamp: $22.99

Foyer Lighting Design: 2 Factors to Consider

February 03, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

foyer lighting ideas

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The foyer of the home is usually the entrance used by guests.  Creating a welcoming and stylish foyer is not a difficult task.  Along with various home accents and furniture, foyer lighting can greatly impact the overall tone of your space. 

Most sizable foyers are illuminated with multiple layers of light.  If a home has a sizeable foyer, there are likely several windows at the entrance of the home.  One popular light fixture used in sizable foyers is the chandelier.  There are large elaborate chandeliers and modern chandeliers to accommodate several styles of home décor.  Another light fixture commonly found in foyers is the semi flush fixture.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Foyer Light Fixture

There are two important factors to consider when shopping for a foyer light fixture.  When shopping for your light fixture, consider the size of your space and the amount of natural light in your space.

Correct Size

Placing a large chandelier in small foyer will not be very appealing.  Although the chandelier itself is a beautiful fixture, placing it in a space far too small will take away from the beauty of the fixture. The first step in shopping for light fixtures, gather the measurements of your foyer.  Carefully compare the diameter of your light fixture and the dimensions of your foyer. 

Amount of Light

If the foyer of your home has a nice amount of natural light from windows, your lighting design plan will not require as much lighting from light fixtures.  Not all light fixtures offer the same amount of light.  When selecting a light fixture, consider the amount of natural light in your foyer.  This will help avoid too much or insufficient lighting in your foyer.

Upgrade Bedroom Lighting Design:Inspiration to Get Started!

January 29, 2012 By: Category: Bedroom Lighting

bedroom lighting design

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Bedroom lighting design seems to require little thought or effort. Many assume creating a bedroom lighting plan is simple as the bedroom is used primarily for sleeping. Although sleeping does not require much light, there are a number of other bedroom tasks that require ample lighting. Also, if taking the time to create a lighting plan, décor and style is likely a concern as well. Proper lighting assists in the overall styling of the room.
We have gathered a few tips to assist in creating or altering bedroom lighting plans. Most bedrooms feature ceiling light fixtures and table lamps. Let’s explore some options to enhance your bedroom lighting and overall style with a few changes to your bedroom light fixtures.

Upgrade overhead lighting

Older homes and apartments mostly feature ceiling lights. Many of these fixtures are rather simple and basic. If you are dealing with a room with a ceiling light fixture, replacing that fixture can greatly impact the amount of light and the style of your bedroom. The following are great options for overhead lighting in bedrooms:

Bedroom Chandelier

bedroom chandelier

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Although chandeliers are mostly seen in foyers or dining rooms, they can also be used in bedrooms. Adding a smaller chandelier to your bedroom instantly adds a touch of glamour to your space. Crystal chandeliers are not the only option for bedroom chandeliers. The following styles of chandelier lighting are perfect for the bedroom:

Modern chandelier lamp Modern Crystal Chandelier Lamp

contemporary crystal chandelier Contemporary K9 Crystal Chandelier

Bedroom Pendant Light


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Pendant light fixtures are very popular in bedroom and kitchen lighting. This style of lighting is very similar to chandelier lighting but is not as intricate. Unlike ceiling light fixtures, these fixtures hang down from the ceiling and are covered by a “pendant” covering. Check out these stylish pendants light fixtures perfect for the bedroom:

Mini pendant light Willow Creek Mini-Pendant

Light Sensé Large Pendant

Bedroom Ceiling Fan

bedroom ceiling fan

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I consider ceiling fans as multifunctional. Ceiling fans can provide lighting as well as regulate the temperature in your bedroom. This is an awesome option for those that get a little warm over in the night. Ceiling fans can also help lower your electric bill if used in place of central air conditioning when the weather is mild.

More Stylish Light Ideas

Bedroom lighting extends beyond overhead lighting. If the bedroom will be used for reading or working, task lighting will play a role. Task lighting illuminates a specific are enabling an individual to complete a task such as applying makeup or reading.
Table lamps
Table lamps are commonly used in several rooms to provide task lighting. Table lamps are available in an assortment of styles and sizes.
Floor Lamps
Floor lamps are very popular in bedroom lighting as well. Some older apartments do not feature overhead lighting in bedrooms. In these rooms, floor lamps are usually used as the primary source of lighting. These lamps can also be combined with other types of lighting.
Wall Sconces
Wall scones are basically table lamps placed on the wall. These fixtures are usually very stylish and are great sources of task lighting for the bedroom.

These are only a couple options for updating bedroom lighting design. When creating your bedroom lighting plan be sure to create an outline of your lighting requirements and desires. When shopping for light fixtures, consider these two tips:

  • A lighting plan that consists of several types of lighting and light fixtures offers versatility. If the overhead lighting is a bit much for reading, simply switch to your table lamp or wall sconce for lighting for reading only. This can help when trying to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.
  • When selecting light fixtures for your space, consider function and style. Yes, light is needed in a bedroom. The bedroom also needs style and décor. Try to select light fixtures that enhance the décor of your bedroom.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

January 22, 2012 By: Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

Dining room lighting should capture the beauty of the room and provide adequate lighting for dining, homework and other tasks.  As you begin gathering ideas for dining room lighting design, consider the placement of furniture and the intended use of the dining room. Chandelier lighting and recessed lighting are commonly used to illuminate dining rooms.

Chandeliers in Dining Rooms

chandelier dining room light fixture

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Chandeliers are very popular dining room light fixtures. Chandeliers are considered classic and very stylish.  The dining room table is usually the focal point of a home’s dining room.  The table is usually large and placed in the center of the room.  This is great placement when considering the lighting plan.  The chandelier is placed over the dining room table. When hanging a chandelier over a dining room table, the chandelier should be placed 30-32 inches above the dining room table.

Recessed Lighting in Dining Rooms

Recessed lighting dining room

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Recessed lighting is commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms.  This form of lighting works well if layering different types of light.  Many dining rooms that feature chandeliers also feature recessed lighting.  While chandelier lighting is beautiful, it is rarely sufficient for lighting the entire dining room.  Recessed lighting is commonly used with chandelier lighting in dining room lighting design.

Other Lighting Ideas for Dining Rooms

There are several light fixtures ideal for lighting dining rooms.  If a chandelier is not in line with your current style of décor, consider pendant light fixtures, floor lamps or track lighting.  Each of these fixtures could provide adequate dining room light if placed properly.  If your dining room has windows, make the best of natural lighting.  Consider window treatments that are transparent or allow a great amount of light to pass through.

Living Room Lighting Planning: 3 Commonly Used Layers of Light Commonly Used

January 18, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

When creating a lighting plan for a living room it is critical to consider the various activities that will occur in the space.  More often, the living room of a home is used to entertain guest, watch movies, and menial tasks such as reading.  Considering the intended use of the living room, most living rooms require several types of lighting in the overall living room lighting plan.  Let’s review common types of lighting used in living rooms:

General Lighting

contemporary living room lighting design

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Of all of the types of lighting, general lighting is the one type of lighting that is almost a requirement in living room lighting design.  General lighting illuminates the room for day to day activities such as entertaining guests or enjoying a family movie.  Commonly, general lighting is provided by a ceiling light fixtures or lamps.

Task Lighting

Task lighting in living room

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Task lighting is used to provide light in a specific space or area within a room.  This form is used to complete tasks that require attention to detail such as reading, completing homework or working on various crafts.  While this form of lighting provides efficient lighting for a specified area, it is usually not sufficient lighting for an entire room.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting

If there is a desire to place attention on decorative wall art, a mirror, or other plant, accent lighting is included in the lighting design.  Accent lighting either shines from above or below a specified area placing an emphasis on a particular object.  A light fixture often used to accent various pieces of home décor is recessed light fixture.

When creating a lighting plan for your living room, carefully access your space and the intended use.  Next, take a look at the many layers of light used in residential lighting plan and determine which best suit your needs.  We hope we have provided a clear illustration on how various types of lighting are incorporated into living room lighting planning.

4 Unique Ideas to Light up Your Home

January 16, 2012 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options, Light Fixtures

Some houses can be dark and dingy. If your house is like this, then this can have an adverse effect on your mood and emotions. Why keep yourself in the dark when you can light up your home in many ways? Yes. You don’t have to stick boring old light bulbs and florescent lamps. Here are 5 unique ideas to light up your home.



Candle sconces. These are brackets that come in different shapes and designs and are used to hold candles. They can be placed on mirrors, stuck up the wall or on picture frames. Candle sconces can give your home a warm and romantic air. However if you think that candles are too unsafe then you can opt for wall sconces. Instead of candles, they utilize bulbs that run on electricity. Wall sconces come in different designs and colors. To make your room more inviting, use yellow light bulbs.

Lamp posts. If you have a huge front or back yard then you’ll need to light it up with lamp posts. This can illuminate the outside of your home and make it a less likely target for thieves. Plus it would be safer for you and your family as you’ll have an easier time getting around. Lamp posts come in many designs, colors and height.
Deck lights. If you live in a huge house with a big deck then having deck lights can work to your advantage. There are many sizes and shapes when it comes to deck lights. They can also come in different colors. And since they often have a low voltage, they don’t generate as much in terms of electricity compared to regular lights. Aside from illuminating your house at night they provide a nice ambiance for sitting outside during clear nights.
Lanterns. Aside from deck lights, putting lanterns in your back yard is another nice way to light up your home. Lanterns often come in different geometric patterns. They can even be in the shape of different animals such as bird or butterflies. Lanterns can be used to light up your home both indoors and outdoors.
Playing around with the lighting is one of the easiest ways to add pizzaz to your home. So let your creative side lose and light up your home in these 4 unique ways.

Our guest author of the day is Chris Zuckerman. 
Chris Zuckerman is the President at his b deck and steel deck fabrication facility located in Atlanta GA. He loves to play golf and travel around the world with his wife and 3 kids.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting for Patios and Gardens

January 16, 2012 By: Category: Outdoor Lighting

The possibilities of choosing energy efficient outdoor lighting for patios and gardens have grown enormously in the past few years. There are many different energy options, lighting styles and decorating ideas available to turn your patio and/or garden area into an illuminated showcase of your own design. While electrical lights and fire lit torches are still available, the new green offerings come as solar powered, battery operated and LED. Each energy option has many styles and designs available. Transforming a patio or garden into a work of art is easily manageable with these new lights.

outdoor lighting

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Solar powered outdoor lighting is offered by various companies and in numerous styles. The traditional post lamps, pathway uplights and spotlights, swag lights and planter spotlights are all available as solar lighting. There are also solar string lights which can be placed along hand rails, posts or wherever you choose. They come in various colors, styles and some are available in faceted crystal for a dazzling affect. Some of the solar spotlights can illuminate with the appearance of fireflies dancing in various colors on a tree, waterfall or whatever you choose to focus it upon.
Candleholders, candelabras and sconces are no longer just for fire lit candles. Battery operated flameless outdoor candles offer efficient lighting and enhanced safety for your patio, porch or garden. The patio table can be lit with these candles or for more lighting, there are also battery powered umbrella lights. Not only can the umbrella lights offer more light for your table, but there are some which have a radio or CD player built into them to offer the perfect ambiance.
LED lighting has become another favorite for outdoors, with LED lanterns, swag lights and umbrella lights available in various styles and designs. Wall lights which appear to be traditional lights, mailbox lights and pathway/driveway lights are just a few of the current styles to choose from.
Garden torches have risen in popularity in recent years with their ability to light an area and to serve as insect repellent sources. It is now possible to use new green technology with garden torch lighting to still do both and not have an actual dangerous flame around children or guests. With solar power or battery power, garden torches can light a pathway, a patio or garden and emit insect repellent for those pesky mosquitoes or gnats in the evenings to provide for an enjoyable experience.
Electrical lighting options, flamed candles, chimineas and torches are still widely available for outdoor lighting. However, going green and becoming energy efficient is now easy and convenient as well as safer than some of the traditional lighting choices of the past. The newer energy efficient options for lighting up that special area outside in the evening gives one the ability to turn their patio or garden area into their personal showcased pavilion. Styles, designs and energy efficient outdoor lighting options make it possible to transform any outdoor area into one’s own personal work of art.