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Upgrade Your Decor with an Antique Hanging Light!

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Antique Hanging Light Fixtures

By Amy Everet

Dale Tiffany Fruit Pool Hanging Light, Antique Brass and Art Glass Shade

A hanging light is not only used for illumination purposes but it also creates a great atmosphere and ambiance. Mostly seen in restaurants and hotels, these lights are also liked by people to create a focal point in any area whether indoor or outdoor. To facilitate their installation, hanging light fixtures are used. These fixtures are available in many different styles and varieties and help to adjust the height at which these lights should be hanged.

There are two basic types of light fixtures available; one is those that have cables or wires running through them while the second ones are merely used for supporting battery operated lights or globes. These fixtures can be fixed simply through using screws and nails which can be covered with a plate so that they do not look unpleasant to the eye. The chain or cord length can be adjusted so that the main globe or bulb is neither to far above nor too close. At a medium height the hanging fixture illuminates by creating the perfect light effect and does not cause any kind of hindrance in movement as well.
Dale Tiffany Boehme 3-Light Hanging Light, Antique Golden Sand and Art Glass Shade

Fixtures are a small expense however they are essential to support all kinds of hanging lights. Your choice of cord or chain fixture may depend on the area as well as the light which it intends to support. There are many different designs, styles and sizes of hanging lights available in the market. There are hanging lanterns, iron, copper or glass globes, wooden or metal globes, painted or natural ones with circular, triangular or rectangular shapes.

The selection of hanging lights relies on the area it aims to illuminate. For bathrooms, dens, recreation rooms and over a snooker or ping pong table, smaller pendant like lights are the best choice. Lanterns are used in patios, gardens or any kind of outdoor area. You can use these fixtures to create a contemporary or a traditional look. For instance the steel or metal lights have a more modern feel whereas natural, wooden ones as well as lanterns look more conventional.

The hanging lights don’t just illuminate an area but they also accentuate the ambiance through creating different effects through lighting. A lot of modern houses use these lights either in kitchens or in the outdoor area. You can easily install them yourself and create an artistic feel without spending hefty amounts of money.

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Stylish Light Fixture: Luciana Eight Light Chandelier

January 08, 2011 By: Category: Light Fixtures

Luciana Eight Light Chandelier – Burke Decor

The design inspiration of the Luciana family of fixtures has no specific dating, being an imaginative mix of historically inspired motifs creatively combined to create the unique effect. The supporting sculptural armature of wrought iron in St. Regis Bronze finish, here serving as exaggerated candle arms, is inspired by the early 18th century lyre framework of large crystal chandeliers. The net like effect of the tiny crystal buttons intricately draped arouns the framework is a 19th century concept. Candles springing from a profusion of elongated leaves is from an even later influence. The result is a delicate yet spectacular fixture that is daringly original in it’s total composition.

More information for the Luciana Eight Light Chandelier – Burke Decor can be found here.

3 Reasons an Iron Chandelier the Perfect Lighting Fixture

January 08, 2011 By: Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

Minka Lavery Clarte| Iron Chandelier

Iron chandeliers can enhance several styles of home décor. Iron can be used to create a sleek or modern chandelier or easily result in a beautiful vintage chandelier.

Easy Maintanience
Chandeliers made of other materials, such as glass or crystal, are very beautiful and elegant light fixtures. However, it is not very easy to keep clean. On the other hand, iron chandeliers are very easy to maintain. Iron is a sturdy material that does not require a lot of cleaning maintenance. Cleaning an iron chandelier can be as simple as attacking the fixture with a duster. When it is time to deeply clean the chandelier, it is important to disconnect the power and/or bulbs before cleansing with soap and water. The only cautionary “tip” is to remember that iron does rust. In order to preserve the chandelier, do not allow hang an iron chandelier in humid spaces or allow the fixture to remain wet or damp after cleaning.
Assortment of Sizes
Iron chandeliers are available in an assortment of styles and sizes. Not all spaces and homes are the same size. Although the “iron” modifier gives the impression of a massive or large fixture, that is not always the case. If decorating a smaller space, there are mini iron chandeliers and smaller chandeliers available as well.
As mentioned above, there are hundreds of iron chandeliers in several sizes and styles. This is definitely an advantage decorators and homeowners feel in their wallets. With such a wide variety of styles and sizes, there is a wide price range which can certainly accommodate any budget. Iron chandeliers are definitely affordable options for decorators seeking more “bang” for their buck.

Creating a new antique or modern look in a space with an iron chandelier just became a bit easier. With the ease of upkeep, assortment of styles, both coupled with a reasonable price tag… How could one resist! Check out these awesome iron chandeliers below!

Alhambra Collection Round Island Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

Country French Wrought Iron Tole Chandelier With Shades

Hot Lighting Fixture! Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier

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Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier

Chandeliers are a wonderful accessory to add to any home. They are known for enhacing the style and class of dining rooms and foyers. Glass chandeliers are very popular in the world of chandelier lighting. A black chandelier is both elegant and stylish. Incorporating a black glass chandelier in a dining room space will instantly transform any space.

This black glass chandelier is a mini chandelier and features hanging beads. The retailer describes this Mystic Candle Base Mini Black Glass Chandelier as follows:

Light up your life with this beautiful masterpiece. Our Black Mini Chandelier is made from elegant black crystal. It has black beading covering the frame as well as hanging glass teardrop accents. This home accent will look great in your foyer, dining room, powder room or any other space you think up. This functional work of art is sure to be a hit in any home!

3 Tips to Achieve Perfect Entrance Lighting!

January 07, 2011 By: Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

The entrance or foyer of a home is the first room seen when someone visits. When designing entrance lighting, there are several factors to consider. Some factors to consider when creating entrance lighting design are space, amount of light needed and safety.

When planning to light a space, one of important factor to consider is space. Smaller foyers will not require the same amount of light as larger foyers. When lighting larger spaces, there are times that multiple lighting fixtures will be used. In some larger entrances, there is a ceiling lighting for functional lighting and other smaller light fixtures for accent lighting.
Some foyers require more foyer lighting than others. If the space is very small or if there is a nice amount of natural light in the foyer, the space may not require much light from light fixtures. However, if using decorative wall art, shadow boxes or decorative rugs, accent lighting will likely be required to illuminate these features.
Finally, when planning lighting design for entrance lighting, safety should definitely be a concern. If the space has steps or a dip in flooring, it is imperative to highlight these areas for visibility. This is very important if the entry way is the main or only entrance to the home. The last thing a homeowner should experience is a visitor injured due to poor lighting and missing a step. Usually, this is not an issue; however some larger foyers are elevated.
Remember, the foyer is the first space visitor’s experience. At times, some guests do not continue beyond this area. Make sure the lighting of this area leaves a favorable impression with visitors.

Product Review: Sea Gull Lighting 31051-962 Canterbury Five Light Chandelier

January 05, 2011 By: Category: Light Fixtures

One of the most popular forms of dining room lighting is chandelier lighting. Taking it a step further, 5 light chandelier is a perfect accessory for any dining room or any other lavishly decorated space. Although at the first glance, this fixture appears to be very simple, this five light chandelier can instantly enhance the style of any space.

Sea Gull Lighting has been bringing American stylish and quality light fixtures since 1919. Seagull is know for providing quality, yet stylish products. The culture of Sea Gull Lighting encourages quality products and customer satisfaction by making employees accountable for customer satisfation. Imagine the service you will receive from a company where each and every emploee is focused on providing superior service and procuts.

The 31051-962 Canterbury Five Light Chandelier is beautiful yet classic light fixture made of brushed nickel and satin etched glass. Many customers boast on the visual appeal of the chandelier. The chandelier is light weight, provides bright and functional light as well as enhances your decor.

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The Elements of Bathroom Lighting Design

January 01, 2011 By: Category: Bathroom Lighting

The Smart Approach to Bath Design, Third Edition

Bathroom lighting design has a large impact on the overall ambiance of the space. If the designer aims to create a relaxing atmosphere, the type of lighting used in the space will determine the success of the process. As with any other lighting project, bathroom lighting consists of layers of light. The bathroom is used for bathing, applying make up and several other grooming tasks. There are also decorative pieces in bathrooms such as mirrors, pictures or even vases. There are forms of light that compliment both tasks as well as lighting to compliment décor. Light is placed into three catergories, ambient, accent and task.
General lighting or the main lighting of the room is ambient lighting. This form of lighting provides just enough light to move from one side of the room to the other. Ambient lighting is not bright enough to provide enough light for applying make up or other things that require task lighting. If ambient lighting is bright enough for task lighting, it is often too harsh for certain types of bathroom lighting designs. However, most designers create a bathroom that is not bright and harsh but tend to instead use ambient lighting along with other layers to create a more relaxing atmosphere.
Accent lighting is a form of aesthetic lighting used to highlight areas or objects in bathrooms. If there is a decorative mirror or piece of wall art, accent lighting is typically used to highlight these features. One of the most popular forms of accent lighting is track lighting. Bathroom track lighting is sometimes used to light the entire bathroom. Although it is an option, bathrooms with track lighting often do not provide adequate task lighting. Bathroom track lighting is perfect for highlighting decorative wall art or mirrors but not lighting tasks.
As mentioned earlier, task lighting is required to complete several of the tasks completed in bathrooms. One cannot properly apply eye liner and make up if the face is not properly highlighted. One important factor in task lighting is making sure the light fixtures are placed at appropriate levels for the intended tasks. For example, in bathrooms, task lighting should be placed near the bathroom vanity and mirrors. While all of the layers of light are important, it is most important to place the task lighting properly.
Properly layering light can create an awesome lighting design for your bathroom. Before you begin your next bathroom lighting plan, make sure to study the different layers of light and how to properly used each layer. Whether you desire a soothing bathroom or cater to a certain style of décor, bathroom design is heavenly influenced by the lighting used.

Deer Antler Chandelier – An Attractive Centerpiece For a Room

December 13, 2010 By: Category: Light Fixtures

Deer Antler Chandelier – An Attractive Centerpiece For a Room

Deer Antler Chandelier – An Attractive Centerpiece For a Room
By Jennifer Waller

Antler Chandelier – 32

Chandeliers have been used for hundreds of years as a method for lighting homes. For many years they were seen as a symbol of luxury, wealth and status and in times gone by they were the lighting of choice in palaces, manor houses and stately homes. However this is no longer exclusively the case and these days’ chandeliers can be used by anyone to add an attractive feature to their home.

For those unaware of this style of lighting a chandelier is a ceiling mounted fixture with a number of arms bearing lights. Over the years the style for these became larger and more ornate. However while this looks good in a large stately home, it is not practical for the smaller homes of today. Typically chandeliers produced today come in a variety of sizes with some being small enough to fit in a standard home. However, although smaller they can still be extremely decorative.

Chandeliers decorated with cut glass or crystals tend to be the most common type of chandelier although other materials can be used. Metals such as bronze or wrought iron can provide an attractive look and wood is another material that can be used to make a decorative chandelier.

If you are a fan of the countryside look then a deer antler chandelier can match in with this perfectly. This type of chandelier can be used as a beautiful centerpiece in a room that is furnished in a rustic style. While in days gone by a stags head was typically used to create this look, a chandelier made from deer antler can be a more practical way of achieving this.

Most chandeliers made from deer antler or horn are manufactured using naturally shed material. This means the deer does not need to be harmed to produce it and can go on to grow more antlers. This makes it a sustainable business and there are many companies that produce this type of chandelier. Some of these include CND Antler Chandeliers and the Meadow Creek Antler Company.

Chandeliers made from deer horn or antler can come in a range of styles and sizes. They are typically hand crafted, with the best horn and antler being used. They can be fairly simple in style with smaller chandeliers being made from mule deer or white tail deer antler. However larger more complex chandeliers are also available and these can be made from elk or moose antler.

The size of antler chandelier you can have in your home will obviously depend on the size of the room it is for. Many of the manufacturers have pre-made chandeliers available for sale. However it is also possible to get a custom piece made for your home. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars for smaller pieces into the thousands of dollars for larger, more elaborate custom made pieces.

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What is the Best Form of Contemporary Lighting for My Kitchen?

July 13, 2010 By: Category: Kitchen Lighting

Elm Park Collection Bronze 4-Light Adjustable Fixture (44878)

Contemporary lighting in the kitchen is a concern for most homeowners who are renovating their kitchens. This type of kitchen lighting is currently a highly popular decorating scheme; however, dimly lit areas of the kitchen may make the kitchen seem uninviting or depressing. However, contemporary lighting can be tasteful and an adequate source of lighting if a person keeps several considerations in mind. Before choosing kitchen lighting, the homeowner should first consider the natural lighting of the room. For example, what direction are the windows of the room facing? Southern facing windows will receive more natural light during the day; however, northern facing windows will achieve a light that is more consistent and shadow free. Additionally, is there any type of landscaping or architecture in the yard that affects how the natural light flows through the windows? The second consideration to bear in mind when choosing kitchen lighting is the type of activities that take place in the kitchen. Most families do their cooking in the kitchen. Yet, if the kitchen is a spot where the children routinely do their homework, their lighting needs will be different from those of a kitchen where only cooking takes place.

Other considerations to keep in mind when choosing contemporary lighting include whether or not there are any aspects of the kitchen that the individual wishes to focus attention upon. For example, kitchen track lighting, placed underneath the cabinets of a kitchen, will highlight the back splash of the kitchen. Recessed lighting may be placed so that it highlights a piece of artwork. Certain decorating elements will also affect how contemporary lighting affects one’s kitchen. A mirror will add a sense of spaciousness to an environment; however, shutters on the interior windows of the kitchen will block natural lighting of the sun. Furthermore, the natural traffic pattern of the kitchen will affect how the type of contemporary lighting a person should choose. Light switches for the lighting should be placed in convenient locations near the entrances and exits of the room. However, the placement of tables, chairs, or bar stools in the kitchen will affect how individuals move about the room and the areas of the kitchen that they will inhabit most. When chosen with careful deliberation, contemporary lighting can add much to the décor of a kitchen.

Ceiling Light Fixture: Tiffany Style Dragonfly Lamp

July 12, 2010 By: Category: Light Fixtures

Product Description
Brighten up any room with this Tiffany Style Dragonfly lamp Your ceiling lamp colors include green, purple and red Affordable home decor with a truly extravagant feel Colorful lamp features more than 240 pieces of cut glass and 60 pieces of jewels Each glass is wrapped around copper foil and soldered together Requires three 40-watt candelabra light bulbs (not included) Handcrafted using the same techniques that were developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s, this beautiful Tiffany-style lamp contains hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each wrapped in fine copper foil.

Tiffany Style Dragonfly Ceiling Lamp: $83.31