Recessed Light Fixtures: Perfect Bathroom Lighting

November 28, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Bathroom Lighting, Light Fixtures

Recessed Lighting

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Recessed lighting is a form of lighting often used to enhance the décor in bathrooms. Recessed light fixtures can be used as general bathroom lighting or within showers or over a bathtub or whirlpool. While recessed lighting can be added during a home renovation, there are also forms of recessed lighting that has to be installed when the home is built. Let’s take a closer look at recessed light fixtures and the many possibilities of decorating with a recessed light fixture.
As mentioned above, recessed light fixtures can be used in the bathroom, specifically in the shower stall. Sounds dangerous right? Well, there are recessed light fixturesthat are “Suitable for Wet Locations”. If decorators plan to use a light fixture the fixture MUST carry the label “Suitable for Wet Locations”.
There are some recessed light fixtures that have to be installed before the ceiling is closed. This usually means that the fixture has to be installed as the house is being built. However, there are fixtures that can be added to a house that is not in building phases.
Recessed light fixtures lend many options to decorators looking to enhance their current lighting design. Sit down and create a plan to determine exactly what type of recessed lighting is required for your space.

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