Recessed Lighting:A Versatile Home Lighting Option

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Recessed lighting is a very popular form of home lighting. There are several ways to incorporate this style of lighting in your home. Recessed lighting is ideal for use in many rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Before deciding on a style of lighting, it is best to understand the type of lighting needed in a room. Let’s review some of the types of lighting provided by a recessed light fixture.




General Lighting

general lighting recessed lighting

Whether lighting a bedroom or a laundry room, almost every room will require general lighting. This is the overall illumination in the space. This light should allow visibility when in the space during the evening or nights. General lighting may not provide enough light for special tasks such as grooming or preparing food. This type of lighting usually serves as the base of the lighting plan for any space in the home. Recessed light fixtures are great sources of general lighting. When placing the fixtures in the room, it is important to space them in a manner that provides even lighting throughout the room.

Ambient Lighting

ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is provided by both natural light and light fixtures. This is the amount of light present in a room. Recessed lighting definitely increases ambient lighting in a room. For the most part, this is a good thing. In times where a room has too much light, it usually is the result of a large amount of natural light combined with lighting from other sources. If this were the case, we would simply turn off all light fixtures until the amount of natural light decreases. This is definitely to the advantage of those hoping to minimize their electric costs.

Task Lighting

task lighting

As mentioned above, there are some tasks that require a large amount of light. These tasks usually require attention to detail and lighting in a specified area. Cooking, shaving and reading are all examples of tasks that require a great deal of light. If placed properly, recessed light fixture can be a great source of task lighting. If recessed lighting is to be used as task lighting, it is important to place the fixture directly overhead in the space to be used. While recessed light fixtures can provide adequate task lighting, this is not the best option for bathroom vanity lighting.

Accent Lighting

accent lighting

Accent lighting, also known as decorative lighting, is a great option for adding style to a space. The overall design of recessed light fixtures has a modern look and appeal. Placing these fixtures along the wall of a room can provide an attractive glow around the room. If looking to highlight a piece of art or sculpture, place the object under the recessed light fixture. The overall after of this form of lighting can definitely enhance any room.

Of the many forms of home lighting, recessed lighting is definitely one of the more versatile lighting styles. There are several options if you desire the look of a recessed light fixture in your home. What are some ways you plan to incorporate recessed lighting in your home?

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