Stylish Light Fixture: Luciana Eight Light Chandelier

January 08, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

Luciana Eight Light Chandelier – Burke Decor

The design inspiration of the Luciana family of fixtures has no specific dating, being an imaginative mix of historically inspired motifs creatively combined to create the unique effect. The supporting sculptural armature of wrought iron in St. Regis Bronze finish, here serving as exaggerated candle arms, is inspired by the early 18th century lyre framework of large crystal chandeliers. The net like effect of the tiny crystal buttons intricately draped arouns the framework is a 19th century concept. Candles springing from a profusion of elongated leaves is from an even later influence. The result is a delicate yet spectacular fixture that is daringly original in it’s total composition.

More information for the Luciana Eight Light Chandelier – Burke Decor can be found here.

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