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Deer Antler Chandelier – An Attractive Centerpiece For a Room

December 13, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

Deer Antler Chandelier – An Attractive Centerpiece For a Room

Deer Antler Chandelier – An Attractive Centerpiece For a Room
By Jennifer Waller

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Chandeliers have been used for hundreds of years as a method for lighting homes. For many years they were seen as a symbol of luxury, wealth and status and in times gone by they were the lighting of choice in palaces, manor houses and stately homes. However this is no longer exclusively the case and these days’ chandeliers can be used by anyone to add an attractive feature to their home.

For those unaware of this style of lighting a chandelier is a ceiling mounted fixture with a number of arms bearing lights. Over the years the style for these became larger and more ornate. However while this looks good in a large stately home, it is not practical for the smaller homes of today. Typically chandeliers produced today come in a variety of sizes with some being small enough to fit in a standard home. However, although smaller they can still be extremely decorative.

Chandeliers decorated with cut glass or crystals tend to be the most common type of chandelier although other materials can be used. Metals such as bronze or wrought iron can provide an attractive look and wood is another material that can be used to make a decorative chandelier.

If you are a fan of the countryside look then a deer antler chandelier can match in with this perfectly. This type of chandelier can be used as a beautiful centerpiece in a room that is furnished in a rustic style. While in days gone by a stags head was typically used to create this look, a chandelier made from deer antler can be a more practical way of achieving this.

Most chandeliers made from deer antler or horn are manufactured using naturally shed material. This means the deer does not need to be harmed to produce it and can go on to grow more antlers. This makes it a sustainable business and there are many companies that produce this type of chandelier. Some of these include CND Antler Chandeliers and the Meadow Creek Antler Company.

Chandeliers made from deer horn or antler can come in a range of styles and sizes. They are typically hand crafted, with the best horn and antler being used. They can be fairly simple in style with smaller chandeliers being made from mule deer or white tail deer antler. However larger more complex chandeliers are also available and these can be made from elk or moose antler.

The size of antler chandelier you can have in your home will obviously depend on the size of the room it is for. Many of the manufacturers have pre-made chandeliers available for sale. However it is also possible to get a custom piece made for your home. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars for smaller pieces into the thousands of dollars for larger, more elaborate custom made pieces.

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