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Christmas Lighting Ideas: Decorating the Mantel

December 03, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Decorative Lighting, Home Interior Lighting Options

Looking for a great place to start with your Christmas lighting ideas?  Outside of the Christmas Tree, the mantel is a great focal point when decorating your space for the holidays.  FUn details such as garland, poly mesh and lights can result in a very festive mantel.

Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Looking to create a focal point in your living area or add a “joyous” air to your living space, decorating the mantel is a great place to start. The mantel which is usually used to hang stocking for children, pets and whomever Santa owes a visit in the home. Check out some of our favorite Christmas Mantel decorating ideas:


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Garland, lights and a traditional wreath are used together to create this stylish mantel decor.

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Enhancing your decor can be as simple as adding plastic or real candles to your christmas garland and pine cones.

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