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3 Tips to Achieve Perfect Entrance Lighting!

January 07, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

The entrance or foyer of a home is the first room seen when someone visits. When designing entrance lighting, there are several factors to consider. Some factors to consider when creating entrance lighting design are space, amount of light needed and safety.

When planning to light a space, one of important factor to consider is space. Smaller foyers will not require the same amount of light as larger foyers. When lighting larger spaces, there are times that multiple lighting fixtures will be used. In some larger entrances, there is a ceiling lighting for functional lighting and other smaller light fixtures for accent lighting.
Some foyers require more foyer lighting than others. If the space is very small or if there is a nice amount of natural light in the foyer, the space may not require much light from light fixtures. However, if using decorative wall art, shadow boxes or decorative rugs, accent lighting will likely be required to illuminate these features.
Finally, when planning lighting design for entrance lighting, safety should definitely be a concern. If the space has steps or a dip in flooring, it is imperative to highlight these areas for visibility. This is very important if the entry way is the main or only entrance to the home. The last thing a homeowner should experience is a visitor injured due to poor lighting and missing a step. Usually, this is not an issue; however some larger foyers are elevated.
Remember, the foyer is the first space visitor’s experience. At times, some guests do not continue beyond this area. Make sure the lighting of this area leaves a favorable impression with visitors.