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3 Reasons an Iron Chandelier the Perfect Lighting Fixture

January 08, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures

Minka Lavery Clarte| Iron Chandelier

Iron chandeliers can enhance several styles of home décor. Iron can be used to create a sleek or modern chandelier or easily result in a beautiful vintage chandelier.

Easy Maintanience
Chandeliers made of other materials, such as glass or crystal, are very beautiful and elegant light fixtures. However, it is not very easy to keep clean. On the other hand, iron chandeliers are very easy to maintain. Iron is a sturdy material that does not require a lot of cleaning maintenance. Cleaning an iron chandelier can be as simple as attacking the fixture with a duster. When it is time to deeply clean the chandelier, it is important to disconnect the power and/or bulbs before cleansing with soap and water. The only cautionary “tip” is to remember that iron does rust. In order to preserve the chandelier, do not allow hang an iron chandelier in humid spaces or allow the fixture to remain wet or damp after cleaning.
Assortment of Sizes
Iron chandeliers are available in an assortment of styles and sizes. Not all spaces and homes are the same size. Although the “iron” modifier gives the impression of a massive or large fixture, that is not always the case. If decorating a smaller space, there are mini iron chandeliers and smaller chandeliers available as well.
As mentioned above, there are hundreds of iron chandeliers in several sizes and styles. This is definitely an advantage decorators and homeowners feel in their wallets. With such a wide variety of styles and sizes, there is a wide price range which can certainly accommodate any budget. Iron chandeliers are definitely affordable options for decorators seeking more “bang” for their buck.

Creating a new antique or modern look in a space with an iron chandelier just became a bit easier. With the ease of upkeep, assortment of styles, both coupled with a reasonable price tag… How could one resist! Check out these awesome iron chandeliers below!

Alhambra Collection Round Island Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

Country French Wrought Iron Tole Chandelier With Shades

What is an Iron Chandelier?

July 06, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

Classy Light Fixture: Iron Chandelier

14 Candelabra Base Lamp Natural Iron Chandelier

Whether you want to add an antiquated mien to your foyer, hallway, or dining room, there are lots of advantages to including an iron chandelier in your home decorating plans. This versatile material can create a variety of different moods, from sleek and modern to charmingly antique.

How can owning an iron chandelier benefit you? For one, out of all of the materials used to create chandeliers, iron is one of the easiest to maintain. Unlike glass, crystal, brass, and other materials, which require polishing and gentle cleaning, iron is a durable material that is relatively easy to clean. Simply use a mix of warm water and gentle detergent. However, it’s important to make sure that you either turn off your circuit, unplug it, or cover the bulbs with plastic bags while cleaning to prevent electrocution. Regular dusting will keep your iron chandelier looking like new. However, as iron rusts, it’s typically not a good idea to keep it in a humid room or leave it damp for long periods of time.

Another advantage to using an iron chandelier is its price. Wrought iron is a relatively common material, which means you’ll find it in a variety of different prices. You will also find it in a variety of different shapes and styles as well, from simple and elegant to practically baroque. Its distinctive color and texture makes it easy to customize with almost any setting, whether you want to establish a rustic look or a sleek and modern mood.

It’s also easy to find an iron chandelier in lots of different sizes as well. This makes it easy to include chandeliers in all sorts of places, from dining rooms to bedrooms. Some even enjoy including chandeliers in bathrooms or closets for a truly lavish look. You can even include an iron chandelier outdoors if you have a particularly nice patio or balcony.

Of course, the type of lights you include with your iron chandelier also play a role in creating the mood. For those who want to create an antique look, you may want to consider imitation candle bulbs. Other styles include tear drop shaped bulbs as well as bulbs with innovative coverings in lots of different styles. Your only limit is your own imagination and taste. You can even include small clusters of tasteful cut glass here and there for a truly unique look. Learn more about how you can decorate with chandeliers today!