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What is the Best Lighting Fixture for Stylish Bathroom Lighting?

July 08, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Bathroom Lighting

Kichler Cylinder Brushed Nickel 21″ Wide Bathroom Light

Choosing bathroom lighting fixtures can be a tricky business. Most individuals use their bathrooms as an environment to relax in. It has been scientifically proven that lighting has an effect on a person’s mood. A bathroom can reach its full aesthetic potential by its designer choosing the appropriate bathroom lighting fixture. Unfortunately, most individuals install a single light in a central location on their bathroom’s ceiling and do not give a further thought to it. However, most people perform their personal grooming chores in the bath. Wall hung sconces can aid a lady in applying her makeup each morning. Well placed track lighting can allow an individual to brush their teeth or shave more efficiently. However, it is important not to place a single light over the bathroom’s mirror. This placement of the lighting fixture can cast unhelpful shadows across the face. Rather, the bathroom lighting fixtures should be placed in a position that cast the light more evenly. For example, a singular pendent chandelier can be placed in a position where light is displaced evenly across the room.

Choosing the best lighting fixture is going to be a matter of personal preference as much as anything else. The bathroom lighting should, ideally, seamlessly match the décor of the bathroom. An ornate fixture in a contemporary bathroom will interrupt the streamlined effect of the contemporary design. It is possible to purchase a lighting fixture in bold colors that provide an accent of color in the bathroom. The type of light bulb that fixture uses will also determine the type of fixture one should choose. Halogen bulbs, in addition to being energy efficient, are also the most ideal types of bulb for providing natural lighting. Fluorescent lighting, while also being extremely energy efficient, is going to cast a harsh glare throughout the bathroom. Most modern lighting fixtures are constructed from a variety of different materials. These materials may be natural, such as bronze or wrought iron, or they may be more dramatic with decorative elements, such as scrollwork or imitations of different works of art. Knowledge of how these different considerations work in conjunction with one another will allow an individual to choose the perfect bathroom lighting fixture for their bathroom.