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Universal Style with a Tiffany Floor Lamp

February 10, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Home Interior Lighting Options

Selecting a source of light for your room can prove challenging. Once you have determined the amount of light that you need for your space, you must then find the perfect source. A great multifunctional source of light is the tiffany floor lamp. Tiffany lamps are very popular in the world of interior lighting. The tiffany floor lamp not only provides direct light, but it can also upgrade your room with instant style. There are several other advantages to tiffany floor lamps, let’s take a closer look at Tiffany lamps. Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp – VL199

Interior lighting is usually divided into three different categories. Natural light is another, but its effects are dependent on time of day, the season, weather and window treatments. The first category of interior lighting is ambient, or background light, which comes from ceiling fixtures most often located in the middle of the room. This provides an “impersonal” functional light. Second, task lighting is light directed at a work area such as a desk or a table. Third, accent lighting provides a warm feel and is often indirect. The Tiffany floor lamp is a great way to provide all three lighting requirements – ambient, task and indirect in one lamp.

The first design consideration for the Tiffany floor lamp is that it is the perfect solution for low ambient light in corners. Placing one lamp in a corner utilizes two reflective surfaces and provides half the ambient light needed for most rooms. Two Tiffany floor lamps at opposite corners would utilize all four walls as reflective surfaces producing a warm glow that will fill most rooms. Since lighting from the corners is indirect, it accents the room as well.

It is as a task light that Tiffany lamps are the most versatile. Placed next to a desk the floor lamp can easily illuminate most of the work area. At the same time the desk or table is freed from cords, bases and obstructive shades. If a favorite table doubles as a casual workspace it’s an easy matter to move a Tiffany floor lamp a couple of feet out from the corner and utilize it as a task light! In this case you are getting the use of two lamps from one! If more direct lighting is required, consider a Tiffany mini lamp which takes up little space and provide direct lighting on any desk or table.

Since floor lamps are usually one to two feet higher than desk lamps, and are placed to the side of the desk, they will always be a source of greater ambient light in any room in which they are used. And because Tiffany floor lamps have three pull capability it is an easy matter to get the brightness for any task, or the background lighting for any occasion.

Design considerations aside, it is as an accent light that your Tiffany floor lamp will be most valuable! Louis C. Tiffany designed useful objects to beautify the home or office and add that special touch of class. The jewel like qualities of the glass mosaic shades were intended to sooth and relax the appreciative owner. The beautiful floral forms were intended to divert the mind. It is here that the Tiffany lamps really shine!

A Tiffany Lamp for your home or office will add elegance to any decor. With a variety of styles, a Tiffany Floor Lamp or Tiffany Mini Lamp will provide a colorful touch of shimmering decorative effect to your home. Find a wide variety of Tiffany Lamps at now.

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