The Elements of Bathroom Lighting Design

January 01, 2011 By: Administrator Category: Bathroom Lighting

The Smart Approach to Bath Design, Third Edition

Bathroom lighting design has a large impact on the overall ambiance of the space. If the designer aims to create a relaxing atmosphere, the type of lighting used in the space will determine the success of the process. As with any other lighting project, bathroom lighting consists of layers of light. The bathroom is used for bathing, applying make up and several other grooming tasks. There are also decorative pieces in bathrooms such as mirrors, pictures or even vases. There are forms of light that compliment both tasks as well as lighting to compliment décor. Light is placed into three catergories, ambient, accent and task.
General lighting or the main lighting of the room is ambient lighting. This form of lighting provides just enough light to move from one side of the room to the other. Ambient lighting is not bright enough to provide enough light for applying make up or other things that require task lighting. If ambient lighting is bright enough for task lighting, it is often too harsh for certain types of bathroom lighting designs. However, most designers create a bathroom that is not bright and harsh but tend to instead use ambient lighting along with other layers to create a more relaxing atmosphere.
Accent lighting is a form of aesthetic lighting used to highlight areas or objects in bathrooms. If there is a decorative mirror or piece of wall art, accent lighting is typically used to highlight these features. One of the most popular forms of accent lighting is track lighting. Bathroom track lighting is sometimes used to light the entire bathroom. Although it is an option, bathrooms with track lighting often do not provide adequate task lighting. Bathroom track lighting is perfect for highlighting decorative wall art or mirrors but not lighting tasks.
As mentioned earlier, task lighting is required to complete several of the tasks completed in bathrooms. One cannot properly apply eye liner and make up if the face is not properly highlighted. One important factor in task lighting is making sure the light fixtures are placed at appropriate levels for the intended tasks. For example, in bathrooms, task lighting should be placed near the bathroom vanity and mirrors. While all of the layers of light are important, it is most important to place the task lighting properly.
Properly layering light can create an awesome lighting design for your bathroom. Before you begin your next bathroom lighting plan, make sure to study the different layers of light and how to properly used each layer. Whether you desire a soothing bathroom or cater to a certain style of décor, bathroom design is heavenly influenced by the lighting used.

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