The Swing Arm Wall Lamp

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Swing Arm Lamps are wall mounted lamps often used in living rooms and bedrooms. These lamps are available in an assortment of styles catering to just about any style of home décor. These lamps are great options for those that desire a versatile, space saving and stylish lamp.

bedroom Swing arm lamp

A swing arm lamp is very versatile for a number of reasons. One of the biggest factors is the design of the lamp. This wall mounted lamp can be placed in a number of positions. How the lamp is angled or placed depends on the type of lighting desired. For example, when against the wall in its normal position, this fixture provides general lighting. However, when the lamp is pulled out to light a specific area, it then provides task lighting. There are not many lamps or light fixtures that offer this type of versatility.
Space Saver
Any time an item can be mounted on the wall, there is space saved. With the swing lamp mounted to the wall, space on bedside or end tables is left open for other decorative pieces. These lamps also do not require any floor space. Not only does this save space in your room, but is also makes for several placement options.
Whether decorating a home office, living room or bedroom, there are several swing arm lamp styles available for purchase. The industrial look of this swing arm lamp can enhance several styles of décor ranging from vintage to contemporary. These lamps can also be positioned to provide decorative lighting or accent lighting which is definitely an enhancement.

Swing arm lamps offer several advantages to home decorators. These lamps range in price from very inexpensive to somewhat expensive. Versatility, style and space are just a few of the reasons swing are lamps are welcome in many homes today.


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