Understanding Pendant Lighting

April 03, 2012 By: Administrator Category: Light Fixtures

pendant lightingOne of our favorite sites,, features a “Pendant Lighting 101” article on their site. The article is all about pendant lighting and how to effectively use lighting in your home.  Check out our brief summary of the article below:

Pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling provided lighting in many rooms of the home.  These type fixtures are very verstile and work very well in several styles of home decor.  While pendant light fixtures are great for providing task lighting, these fixtures also enhance the overall decor of the room.

Choosing Pendant Light Fixtures

As we have shared in previous pendant lighting articles, when shopping for a pendant lighting, it is important to access the space in which you will hang the pendant light fixture.  Pendant light fixtures are hanging lights and improper measurements could result in a hazard to your family and your guests.  It is also best to select fixtures that blend well with the current decor and accessories used in your home.

If your pendant light fixture requires a shade, carefully consider the amount of light needed in your space.  Some shades, such as a clear glass shade, will allow more light to past through than an opaque shade.  The purpose of installing a light fixture is to provide lighting in a space, restricting the light from the fixture with the wrong shade completely defeats the intent of the purchase.

Where to Place Pendant Light Fixtures

While pendant light fixtures are generally found in kitchens, these fixtures work very well in many rooms in the home. These lamps can be used to provide lighting within a breakfast bar area or task lighting for reading in a sitting area.  There are times that multiple pendant light fixtures can be grouped together.  However, this should only be attempted if the space allows multiple fixtures without appearing cramped.

Check out Houzz for more detail on pendant lighting and how to incorporate them into your lighting plan.


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