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Antique Hanging Light Fixtures

By Amy Everet

Dale Tiffany Fruit Pool Hanging Light, Antique Brass and Art Glass Shade

A hanging light is not only used for illumination purposes but it also creates a great atmosphere and ambiance. Mostly seen in restaurants and hotels, these lights are also liked by people to create a focal point in any area whether indoor or outdoor. To facilitate their installation, hanging light fixtures are used. These fixtures are available in many different styles and varieties and help to adjust the height at which these lights should be hanged.

There are two basic types of light fixtures available; one is those that have cables or wires running through them while the second ones are merely used for supporting battery operated lights or globes. These fixtures can be fixed simply through using screws and nails which can be covered with a plate so that they do not look unpleasant to the eye. The chain or cord length can be adjusted so that the main globe or bulb is neither to far above nor too close. At a medium height the hanging fixture illuminates by creating the perfect light effect and does not cause any kind of hindrance in movement as well.
Dale Tiffany Boehme 3-Light Hanging Light, Antique Golden Sand and Art Glass Shade

Fixtures are a small expense however they are essential to support all kinds of hanging lights. Your choice of cord or chain fixture may depend on the area as well as the light which it intends to support. There are many different designs, styles and sizes of hanging lights available in the market. There are hanging lanterns, iron, copper or glass globes, wooden or metal globes, painted or natural ones with circular, triangular or rectangular shapes.

The selection of hanging lights relies on the area it aims to illuminate. For bathrooms, dens, recreation rooms and over a snooker or ping pong table, smaller pendant like lights are the best choice. Lanterns are used in patios, gardens or any kind of outdoor area. You can use these fixtures to create a contemporary or a traditional look. For instance the steel or metal lights have a more modern feel whereas natural, wooden ones as well as lanterns look more conventional.

The hanging lights don’t just illuminate an area but they also accentuate the ambiance through creating different effects through lighting. A lot of modern houses use these lights either in kitchens or in the outdoor area. You can easily install them yourself and create an artistic feel without spending hefty amounts of money.

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