What is the Best Form of Contemporary Lighting for My Kitchen?

July 13, 2010 By: Administrator Category: Kitchen Lighting

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Contemporary lighting in the kitchen is a concern for most homeowners who are renovating their kitchens. This type of kitchen lighting is currently a highly popular decorating scheme; however, dimly lit areas of the kitchen may make the kitchen seem uninviting or depressing. However, contemporary lighting can be tasteful and an adequate source of lighting if a person keeps several considerations in mind. Before choosing kitchen lighting, the homeowner should first consider the natural lighting of the room. For example, what direction are the windows of the room facing? Southern facing windows will receive more natural light during the day; however, northern facing windows will achieve a light that is more consistent and shadow free. Additionally, is there any type of landscaping or architecture in the yard that affects how the natural light flows through the windows? The second consideration to bear in mind when choosing kitchen lighting is the type of activities that take place in the kitchen. Most families do their cooking in the kitchen. Yet, if the kitchen is a spot where the children routinely do their homework, their lighting needs will be different from those of a kitchen where only cooking takes place.

Other considerations to keep in mind when choosing contemporary lighting include whether or not there are any aspects of the kitchen that the individual wishes to focus attention upon. For example, kitchen track lighting, placed underneath the cabinets of a kitchen, will highlight the back splash of the kitchen. Recessed lighting may be placed so that it highlights a piece of artwork. Certain decorating elements will also affect how contemporary lighting affects one’s kitchen. A mirror will add a sense of spaciousness to an environment; however, shutters on the interior windows of the kitchen will block natural lighting of the sun. Furthermore, the natural traffic pattern of the kitchen will affect how the type of contemporary lighting a person should choose. Light switches for the lighting should be placed in convenient locations near the entrances and exits of the room. However, the placement of tables, chairs, or bar stools in the kitchen will affect how individuals move about the room and the areas of the kitchen that they will inhabit most. When chosen with careful deliberation, contemporary lighting can add much to the décor of a kitchen.

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